Just how big is Porthleven’s Shipyard application

When it comes to planning drawings it is sometimes hard to see how big a building is when is comes to size and scale and how it impacts on an area using just the standard 2D planning application drawings. In trying to understand just how big the building would be, and how it would sit in the shipyard, today I paced out the building size using the scale plans. In doing this it really did give me an insight on how big this building is not just on the proposed building footprint, but the ridge-height too.

I took the picture below from near the wall on the entrance to the Shipyard to give a scale of length. The two red lines is the width of the building.  In trying to understand the length of the building you just need to compare the three current blue Shipyard buildings as they are roughly the same length as the proposed building.   As for the ridge-height of the proposed building, it is easy to visualize this by looking at the Kota sign and imagining the height of the proposed building to be between that and the ridge-line of Kota.

When you take into then take into consideration all the measurements, you really see the scale of the proposed building. It is huge. For anyone interesting in seeing the scale of the building, I have marked out the length and width of the building with yellow paint at the key points. These measurements are not inch perfect, but as good a I can get.

Width of the proposed Shipyard building.


It is important anyone with a view on this application make their feelings known in writing. Porthleven Town Council will be meeting to discuss this application on Thursday 23rd Feb at the town council offices at 7pm. This is a public meetings, and all are welcome.


  • Moira Withington

    Wondered why you walking around the area

  • Maum

    Don’t really see how it can be scaled down and still incorporate all that is planned. It might block the view of Costcutters a bit but that building is nothing special to look at.

  • Gilly Zella Martin

    They could always build it up Shrubberies Hill 🙂

  • Ruby

    I still support it, look at the height some of the buildings have been extended to on Breagside blocking some views.

  • Kurt jewson

    Can’t see from the plan, but hoping that there is still good access to the area to the west, to the rear of the current sheds, for boats to be stored?

    It would be a shame if this area were to be developed in future, thus leaving nowhere for a boat owner to maintain/ repair boats.


  • Andrew Wallis

    Boat storage and moving any boat, and/or lorry would be problematic with this building.,

  • Moira Withington

    I do not feel that the plans fulfil the requirements of The DDA 1995.So would hope that you would draw attention to this

  • M Roberts

    I sat this afternoon looking across to the boatyard thinking what a monstrous build if the go ahead is given for this build ,with the height of a double height building plus viewing tower which won’t give a panoramic view from the harbour you will only get this from the restling fields or the other end going towards loe bar road why o why is this build even being considered.You can’t tell me there will be a boat yard left afterwards.By the time parking slots for the cottages are given and disabled parking and slots for people that will rent working units as I’m sure their not going to pay daily parking on top of renting units in the local car park, Has anyone from the council planning walked through church row to St Bartholomews parish church the view to the harbour will be totally lost.Again I say new projects should benefit all that live in porthleven and since we have so many new builds already invest in our young people build a youth training centre but that I suppose would come out of council money not the private sector.

  • Moira Withington

    Is the meeting at the institute .Can some one with limited mobility access ?

  • Helston resident

    Well we can see there’s an election coming up, you’re running with the majority, and shouldn’t you declare an interest in the disability side? Im against the building but I’m more against you trying to sway opinions councilor. You sound like you’re only welcoming objectors to your meeting too and encouraging them to write in with their opinions, I would of thought its such an election bias.

  • Andrew Wallis

    Not at all. Just giving facts. As I have always done. In fact, in posts I have said give views in support and against.

  • Gilly Zella Martin

    Helston resident…

    I think your comment is unfair, Andrew does not show a bias on here as far as I can see, and in any case he is entitled to his own personal view on any planning application the same as everyone else. I am in favour of the concept of the building providing the size and scale is proportionate for its proposed surroundings and any perceived issues are addressed.

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