Joint Meeting on Tourism

Today I attended a joint meeting of the Tourism Panel of Cornwall Council and the Visit Cornwall Partnership (VCP). The VCP is made up of businesses in the tourism industry.  For me, it was good to meet some of the players in the industry and who came from the Minac Theatre, St Austell Brewery , The Scarlet Hotel, Classic Cottages to name but a few.

The issue of the tourist tax, or bed tax was discussed and those from the industry were very annoyed by the comments made by the senior officer of Cornwall Council to a Parliamentary Committee. They felt this was a PR disaster for Cornwall’s tourism industry which had in turn gone international with the news coverage. Those from the industry felt the officer should be fired, flogged or sent to the various tourism organisations in Cornwall to explain himself.

After the bed tax issue was discussed it was felt that tourism should be higher up on the political agenda. I agree, as for an industry that accounts for at least 25% of the Cornish economy there is no Cabinet position for Tourism. If not a full Cabinet Portfolio you could put it under one of those new Cabinet Support Members that the Leader likes so much.

It was also agree in principle that the Tourism Panel and VCP should meet for regularly as in the last two years today was the first time both panels had met. This would work as it would have those in the industry who know the business and those in the business of politics singing from the same hymn sheet.

Alex Folkes who is also on the Tourism Panel has made comment about today’ s meeting HERE

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