Jim Speaks out on the Hard-sell of Shared Services

The new Cabinet Leader of Cornwall has taken the unprecedented step of sending all Councillors an email quashing a ‘rumour’ that he is now in favour of the outsourcing plans with BT. However, it is not just the rumour part of the email, but claims of hard sell and information not being forthcoming.

In the email it goes on to say:

I have made it clear to senior management that, whilst maintaining circumspection, my previous attitude to the JV has actually hardened.

This situation is due to the relentless hard sell of the JV with no counter arguments. This is democratically unacceptable. Members have a right to all the evidence available and this has not been forthcoming.

When the most senior Councillor has to take steps and sends an email like this, you have to worry. Furthermore, I have been told that many staff are being briefed that the hard-JV is the only option, and even if that happens, not all jobs are safe either.

The plot thickens, and not in a good way either.

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