Ivory Tower Syndrome

My fellow blogger and Cornwall Councillor Alex Folkes has unearthed a shocking piece of wastage of council tax money. It turns out Cornwall Council are buying top of the range cars for some of the executive officers. Two of these cars for the Fire and Rescue Service cost in excess of £68,000. Just imagine how much fire equipment, or extra fire-fighters this will fund.

If you have to supply a car due to high-mileage then do the cheapest, most economical car you can get. This is not big business where turning up in a flash car is the measure of your success. This is tax payers money.

It is more infuriating because many staff are facing massive cuts to mileage to ‘save money’. Many in the care industry will be hardest hit because if a member of staff goes over a certain mileage their claimable mileage goes from around 40p per miles to 20p. To many this reduction means paying more out of their wages to do the job they are employed and sent to do.

Again this wanton wastage shows some at County Hall do indeed live in a Ivory Tower. 


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