Is Outrage Only Talk?

The massive fallout following the hacking scandal from a certain red top is getting worse by the minute. At first Celebrates and Politicians seemed to be the target, but as the story unfolds there appears to be others. It is these other targets which if true, are truly sickening.

It is also not just hacking, but it could (allegedly) cover payments to police officers for information. If these payments are true, then it is the reputation of the police that will also be damaged. A breakdown of trust between the public and the police will take years to repair, and will make those hardworking and honest police officers job a lot harder.

The mainstream and social media is full of anger on the scandal and I can understand why, but why only voice an opinion? Should direct action be taken as well?

One of the guests on last nights Newsnight said “the public will stop buying the News of the World for a week, but then start to buy it again”. This chap hit the nail squarely on the head. If we really want to stop scandals like this happening again we should stop buying the product completely. Only then, when the money stops coming in will anything change.

There has been much anger towards the owner of the corporation which owns the various publications. You have to ask yourself how did he become so powerful? The simple answer is we made them powerful by handing over our money quite freely to them

How many people say they are angry and upset, but continue to watch the various channels on satellite, or buy other products? My feeling is far too many. We can all play at being outraged, but how many people will actually cancel their subscription? Is losing those nice programs and sports events a step too far in action?

The only way to change anything is to hurt them in their pockets. Only then will these large corporations take note, and change.

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