Is Cornwall Council’s CEO Kevin Lavery Leaving?

The internet is great, it really makes the world smaller, as just look at the startling news from New Zealand via the Dominion Post. In the article, it says Kevin Lavery is taking up the role of Wellington City Council. You might think it is a different Kevin, but it also lists in the article Cornwall Council (yes there is another Cornwall Council in Canada).

Now if this is true (which I believe it is) who knew at Cornwall Council and when were Councillors going to be told? I expect a few email/phone calls will be received in the next few hours/days. I for one will be looking forward to the answers.

The other question that needs answering is why is he leaving? Is it because he did not get the full-JV? or something else, like the leadership change? Maybe the council will look at point 24 from Mr Pickles’ (not) helpful guide

Update: Looks like the press office at Cornwall Council did not know either, as they are trying to clarify if this is actually true from the man himself.


  • worried worker


  • worried worker

    Seriously though, could we be a little more careful over
    choosing his replacement? Let’s go for someone with a bit of an
    interesting in what’s best for Cornwall and not another greasy wimp
    who’s only in it for as much cash as possible before bailing out
    when he can’t sell off chunks to his mates.

  • mick martyn

    If this is true i think it is a very sad day for Cornwall,
    any CEO will have his/her knockers but i think what Kevin has
    achieved since 2009 is phenominal, turning a failing County Council
    into one of the most innovative Unitary Councils in the Country. I
    think that the recent political tensions have certainly contributed
    to his decision but think everyone should recognise his vision and
    achievements and wish him all the best down under!

  • worried worker

    Oh Mick, just when I couldn’t love you more…

  • Matt

    In fairness he had no option after the no confidence vote
    over the JV.

  • RJC

    At least it’s not the Isles of Scilly, but a City Council
    with a mayor and fourteen councillors – what on earth is this
    about? Kevin Lavery has been a great CEO for Cornwall and Cornwall
    is a much more confident place tha it was in 2009 in good part
    thanks to him. Regrettably he pushed his fixation with out-sourcing
    too far and fortunately was stopped in his tracks here.
    Nevertheless, I hope the people of Cornwall are appreciative of
    Lavery as he winds down and that he retains a good impression of
    his time here. I hope you will pass on the thanks of this
    particular poster, Andrew. Meanwhile, I hope Cornwall Council has
    done some effective succession planning and that a good local
    officer with the very best interests of Cornwall at heart can take
    his place.

  • A benefits assessor

    Good riddance Take Mick Martyn with you.

  • mick martyn

    thanks benefit assessor will look forward to you assessing
    my benefit claim when i have to apply again soon, thats if you
    haven’t personally suffered from the inevitable cuts you will face
    now you arent protected by a bt contract. Anyhow, will CC put a
    temp CEO in charge now?? – its usually a resources Director which
    in this case according to the CC website is Michael Crich, dont
    know much about him so wouldnt know if this would be a well
    received move?! Is he a man for the staff and people of

  • Cornish VOTER

    Mick/RJC: This is the man who has taken £200,000+ from the tax payer every-single-year as well as perks such as free broadband and free Ipads, not forgetting destroying any job security I, and hundreds of others, had…and you want me to thank and congratulate him?! No, I think he’s taken enough from me already thanks.

  • pasty muncher

    DON’T replace him, we could do with a spare 200k

  • Terryt

    not a minute too soon

  • mick martyn

    cornish voter – taken away your job security?!?!? how can
    you lay the government cuts at kevins feet – another member of
    staff who is still thinking it is 1995 and all is rosy in local
    government…get real, councils are having less and less money and
    will have to continue to stop provising or reduce services every
    year for the forseeable future, wish i was wrong but this is

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