Is Cornwall Council Truro-centric?

The accusation of Cornwall Council being Truro-centric is thrown around by anyone who is not within spitting distance of Truro. Whilst those who live in Truro say too much is already here and it should go elsewhere.  Is it, or is it just the perception because the main administrative building is located in Truro?

Let’s start by going back in the midst of time to 1973. Then like in 2009 there was a massive change to local government. In this change many of the town boroughs were disposed off and replaced by District Councils. Like in 2009 there was a massive outcry that local government would be somewhere-else-centric, and the old way was better etc.

In Helston’s case (Porthleven was still part of Helston till 1981) the hotbed of political and administrative activity moved north to Camborne at Dolcoath Ave. Those still in local government from the change in ’73 still harked on about the good old days and how the District Councils where too centric to the areas they were located in.

I joined Kerrier District Council in 2007 and knew no difference. However, those in the south of the district often complained all the love, money went north, and since the change the south got nothing. Like now, it was often said it was all so much better when we had the previous set-up. See the similar thread?

Is this is how Cornwall Council is seen?

Now with the administrative capital of Cornwall Council being in Truro it seems all the other areas claim they are left out. But is it? It would make sense that all the main administrative work is located in one area to make it more cost-effective on the tax-payer. Those who need to access basic council services can do so by going into the One Stop Shops (OSS). I have never heard anyone complain there is no OSS in Porthleven, it is just accepted it is in Helston.

There are also other means of contacting the council. Either by phone, email, Internet website or the Councillor elected to serve that division. Granted those others means are not perfect, but on the whole it is a good service. After all, the average person would not contact the council on a daily or weekly basis.

For me, I live 20 miles from Truro, so travelling to Truro is easier for me than others who have to come from further afield. But again, I know others who travel from near the Devon border on an almost daily basis to attend vital meetings, or to gather information. So it can be done.

If all the money went to the administrative centres I would be more concerned, but it does not. Many areas including Porthleven do get attention. This is done by putting forward sensible ideas, working with officers and knowing how far you can push things. Not, like I have heard before ‘I want it because I am a Councillor and my area never gets anything because it is located in the East/West/North/South/Darkside of the Moon’. People skills get you what you want, not banging the desk saying my area gets nothing.

So whilst I know it may seem Cornwall Council is Truro-centric, I don’t believe it is. The main administrative building has to go somewhere. The geographical nature of Cornwall unlike other authorities boundaries who have a  more rounded geographical area plays a part too; as it is not logical just to plonk the council’s main offices right in the middle of Cornwall.

Then again, it would save me travelling if the administrative centre was in Helston, but that is not likely to ever happen. So I will just have to continue to travel to the likes of Penzance, Camborne, Truro, St Austell, Liskeard, or Wadebridge to carry-out my duties.

Maybe it is the set/make-up of the council that is more of a concern, than its location. That very subject is now being discussed at Cornwall Council.


(yes, I changed the spelling of ‘capitol’ to capital because everyone missed the joke..)


  • Pz01

    No, I do not think that Cornwall Council are Truro Centric, but from a development point there is a “Golden Triangle”, Falmouth, Truro, Camborne Redruth And Pool. The amount of money spent within this area is out of all proportion.

  • Gill Martin

    I would have thought it makes sense to have the main council offices in Truro as It is the capital city of Cornwall. I do not think the council is Truro-centric, after all, they did offer St Dennis the incinerator.

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