Intrim Head of Paid Service is appointed by Cornwall Council

As most people will know, the hunt for a new CEO at Cornwall Council is on since the soon to be departing CEO, Andrew Kerr is heading up North of the border to become Edinburgh City’s new CEO.

A local authority by law needs someone in either a CEO position, or alternatively, a Head of Paid Service. Today at Cornwall Council’s full council, the Leader announced a Head of Paid Service had been appointed from the current Senior Leadership Team (CLT).

This position has been given to Trevor Doughty until a new CEO is appointed and in post. For those who do not know, Trevor is the current director of both children’s and adult services. Having worked with Trevor for the last two years, he is a very capable officer and will steer the ship well with his fellow CLT colleagues until the new CEO is in post.

The Leader has issued a statement and it is as follows:

“Dear Members

As you know the Council is about to formally advertise for a new Chief Executive to replace Andrew Kerr who leaves this week.

As the recruitment process will take some months to complete, the Member Selection and Appointment Panel, which I chair and which is responsible for the recruitment, made a recommendation to the Council today about what arrangements we should put in place pending a new Chief Executive taking up their appointment.  The Panel’s recommendation to Council was informed by feedback from the Council’s Corporate Leadership Team and has their endorsement.


I am pleased to confirm that the Council agreed the recommendation of the Panel which was to appoint Trevor Doughty as Interim Head of Paid Service with effect from Monday 27 July 2015.  The Head of Governance and Information will take over the role of Electoral Registration Officer and Returning Officer in the interim period.


In this role, which does not carry the full range of accountabilities of the role of Chief Executive, Trevor will operate as the ‘first amongst equals’ within the Corporate Leadership Team (CLT).  Each of the Corporate Directors, including Trevor, will retain their strategic and operational responsibilities.  In addition, as Head of Paid Service, Trevor will chair the CLT.


In the view of the Panel, this collegiate working arrangement within CLT builds on existing relationships and will help to ensure that we sustain continuity and focus during the period of uncertainty that inevitably accompanies changes in senior management for any organisation. 

I am grateful for the support of the CLT for this interim management arrangement and look forward to working more closely with them in the coming months.

I would like to congratulate Andrew on what he has achieved in the 18 months he has been in post, and furthermore, wish Andrew all the success in returning home to his capital city and being its new CEO.

Fair winds to you Andrew and enjoy the ‘everything deep fried’ cuisine!

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