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Helston’s ‘Furry Youth Café’ needs your vote!

The Helston & Lizard Community Network has recently bid to The Big Lottery Fund/The People’s Millions to launch the ‘Furry Youth Café’ in Helston and I am absolutely delighted to tell you that the project has won a place on the final list of those going forward to a public vote!! 
This does not guarantee that we will get the grant thoughand that’s where you come in! The ‘Furry Youth Café’ will be featured on ITV West Country regional evening news between 6.00p.m., and 6.30p.m. on Thursday 25 November 2010
The project that receives the most votes will be declared the winner and offered a grant. The vote takes place over a 15 hour period.  Phone lines open at 9a.m. on 25 November and close at midnight – the winner will then be announced on ITV West Country regional evening news on 26 November.
We desperately need your votes!! 
You can vote up to 10 times from any phone during the 15 hour period and the number to contact will only be announced on the morning of 25 November when I will contact you again with details.  Please also look out for the number that day in the Daily Mirror and on The People’s Millions website from 9a.m. the same day http://www.peoplesmillions.org.uk/.
The People’s Millions website also gives you more information about the project and an opportunity to leave your comments, questions and messages of support – why not take a look?!
(More about the Furry Youth Café project)
The need for the ‘Furry Youth Café’ was identified by local young people in the Helston area of Cornwall, who made representations to Cornwall Council, the local Town Council, the Youth service, local Police (namely the PCSO’s) and via the various community groups about the lack of provision of a suitable safe, warm and supported meeting place for them to use in the town centre.
Following such representations, the Helston & Lizard Community Network of Cornwall Council, in partnership with South Kerrier Alliance (which is the local market and coastal towns initiative) and various other partner organisations, organised a consultation with young people to further assess the need for a Youth café and to more fully explore the reasons why there was market failure in this respect in the locality of Helston town centre.
The main aim of the project is to establish a much needed youth café in Helston, which meets the needs of the young people in the area and plugs a real gap in current provision. 
The objectives are that the ‘Furry Youth Café’ will:
  • Provide a much needed, warm and safe high street location meeting place for young people of the area.  To include creative and reflective meeting spaces, a café area and the opportunity for them to engage in positive activity such as hobbies/games or just being with their friends;
  • Provide the opportunity for the young people of the area to access support from key agencies including confidential one to one counselling support, access to information, advice and guidance on a range of pertinent topics;
  • Provide the opportunity for the young people to gain enterprise and business skills, in the running of the youth café as a youth enterprise with the support of local business advisers;
  • Positively address persistent issues such as youth unemployment, teenage pregnancy, anti-social behaviour including isolated incidents of arson, and the lack of positive role models for these young disadvantaged people to engage with;
  • Inspire young people who use it (including those who have already formed a management group to fundraise) and will positively raise their awareness in relation to being a good citizen and learning new skills.
The Furry youth café would be a unique offer for the market town of Helston, Cornwall.  There is currently no meeting place in the town centre which meets the needs of the young people.  There is a youth club on the outskirts of the town, but this is difficult for many young people to access and given the issues with the lack of affordable and regular rural public transport in this part of Cornwall, young people experience significant barriers to accessing the support and space that they have stated they need.
Also, unlike many other towns in the UK, Helston as a small market town does not have any commercially owned cafés which open during the evening – there are no chains like Costa or Starbucks and the three independently owned cafés close at the very early hour of 3pm every day.  Helston does not have a café culture or night time economy other than a few public houses, and clearly these would not be compatible with the aims and objectives for the youth café.  So, there really is no viable alternative on the high street in the locality where the level of need is most acute.
Young people in the Helston and Lizard area will be the main beneficiaries of the project as it will provide the youth café facilities and associated support that they have identified themselves as being a glaring gap in their lives and in their local community.  It will mainly support young people who are aged 12 years and above and it is proposed that there are different sessions for different age groups, so that the provision and support on offer is targeted most appropriately.
There will also be a number of significant indirect benefits to other members of the community:
The lack of a youth café and meeting space for these young people currently, has led to persistent social issues including instances of anti-social behaviour, drug and alcohol misuse and issues relating to heightened fear of crime from the older resident population who see gangs of young people hanging around the town and perceive they are causing trouble within the community.   
This project would help to positively provide benefits including better inter generational understanding and mutual respect between young and older people and would help local retailers and businesses who also have issues with crime and disorder in the locality.
The longer term impacts of the Furry youth café project will be threefold; social, economic and environmental positive outcomes will be felt by the local community and the young people.  The young people in the area will have increased their self esteem, self confidence and motivation as a result of being actively engaged in such an imaginative and positive experience of running their own youth café.
In addition, they will have significantly enhanced their skills base; new skills will include team building, relationship management, enterprise and business skills, negotiation skills, listening skills, planning, research and event management skills, financial management and personal budgeting skills and they will have gained a greater self awareness as a result of participating in the supported activities (including one to one and team activities) as part of the youth café offer.  We also anticipate that through the above, the young people will have better employability potential.
We are also anticipating the positive, long lasting impact of the project will lead to a measurable reduction in anti-social behaviour, teenage pregnancies, fear of crime as perceived by the local older population and a greater sense of pride and citizenship in the local community.
We do hope you will support us with your vote – and don’t forget to tune in to ITV West Country on 25 November!
Please feel free to circulate this information via any means


  • Emily King

    Out of interest: the group that currently meets in the dilapidated community centre, known as Pigeon Games http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=112382392132032, would they be able to use this café to continue running their games group should the café become a reality?

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    I would hope so. I have been to the games club a few years ago when I was invited to have a look.

  • mrsmac

    great idea. where would it be situated? the old community centre would be an obvious choice, but not sure what the council plans are for it.

    will definitely be voting!

  • Anonymous

    Why arent these children at home doing school work etc?
    Why should public funds be spent on these people?
    Most young people have no need for this type of facility,this is basically for the no hopers,save your money and invest in youngsters that might actually contribute something to society…These kids havent managed to achieve anything at school so why should even more public funds be wasted on them…
    Why are you suggesting we give money to Arsonists…

  • mrsmac

    dear mr/mrs anonymous – as a parent of an "alleged arsonist" – (my son is 17, and therefore of an age who will be using the cafe)as he is not allowed to use pubs etc, i will attempt to address your points…
    1) homework, does not and should not last ALL night you have pubs/clubs that you can visit when you want to escape your homelife why cant these youths have the same?
    2) how dare you make sweeping statements about
    these youngsters, my son attained 9 gcse's
    in maths, sciences, english, etc, is training
    to be a rugby coach, as well as playing it are you saying that the ilk of him arent entitled to somewhere to go and to use the vernacular of the day "chill" with his mates?
    2) it isn't public monies, its from the lottery, so if you dont want it to happen, dont buy a lottery ticket
    3) if you want to stop "arsonists" (Your words not mine) give them something that they can take ownership of, something that they can take pride in, you may well be surprised.
    i speak as someone with children of the age in question, a trained paediatric nurse (thats a childrens nurse to you) and someone who worked closely with the youth of the town in various capacities.
    so if you have nothing constructive to say – say nowt

  • Anonymous

    Its cllr Wallis that raised the point of (as he put it) isolated incidents of Arson.
    In this day and age 9 gcses isnt really anything to get excited about is it?
    Lottery money comes from the public,the centre will need public funds to run ,so it will use public funds.

  • Anonymous

    Well said Mrs Mac. This would be a great idea for the youth of Helston. Come on everyone please vote. A word to Mrs Anonymous nobody kids are perfect. From a mother who loves her children unconditional !!!!

  • Anonymous

    Mrs Mac is of course entitled to try and get a facility her son wants(not sure what relevance her being a "trained paediatric nurse" is-are there lots of untrained ones in Helston?) but other people are just as entitled to ask why this facility is being provided,as cllr Wallis states anti social behaviour,drug and alchol misuse are some of the reasons given for the need for this cafe,so perhaps we should be looking at the role of parents(users would be between 12 and 18) and holding them responsible for their kids behaviour and not rewarding these badly behaved(as admitted by Cllr Wallis) children with a publicly funded building,it sends out the wrong message.
    When the children have learnt to behave and not misuse,drugs,alchol and not forgetting those "isolated incidents of arson" then just maybe a facility at public expense,but not untill then.

  • H

    The number to call is 0871 62 68 134. Thank you!

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