I am an official candidate in the Porthleven and Helston West Cornwall Council Election

Today, the ‘statement as to persons nominated’ to stand for the Cornwall Council Elections has been issued. I am one of four candidates who will be seeking election, or in my case re-election to the Porthleven and Helston West seat.

In the next few weeks, I will be out and about delivering my leaflets and knocking on doors. I really hope residents will know of the work I have carried out over the last few years and vote for me on May 4th.

The official nominations are:



  • Gilly Zella Martin

    Be lucky Andrew, I wish I could vote for you.

  • Jenny Pearce

    What a strange idea wanting to represent Porthleven and Helston West when living in Penzance, as is the case with the Lib Dem candidate, not exactly on the doorstep to resolve any potential issues.
    Good luck Cllr Wallis.

  • Colin Francis Best

    Andrew , Hannah said you have her vote from 59 Penponds road .

  • Ruby C. R.

    There’s an old saying, better the devil you know than the devil you don’t 🙂

    Good luck Cllr. Wallis

  • Lagora

    Gill, I’ll vote for Andrew on your behalf, as I never really have a clue who to vote for and I know your judgement is sound.

  • Tony

    Good luck for the election, the less politics involved in local councils the better. You’ve a proven track record of results and input of time and effort into the position.

  • Maureen

    Well I certainly wouldn’t vote for an Independent that used to be a director of the ‘Porthleven development company’ a company which all seemed a bit odd to me.
    Much rather vote for an Independent that I think lives in the real world, gets results and keeps the public in touch.
    Best of luck Councillor Wallis, you’ve done so many great things for Porthleven and Helston.

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