Hung Parliament – One big happy family

Talk about a day of firsts. Webcasting and now Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in Government together. I never thought it would happen, but then again we do live in strange times. The Country is in need of something different, maybe this is just the tonic it needs. I guess time will tell.

The real interesting issue is how this will be taken over at County Hall. There has been much talk in the Committee and Members rooms of what would happen if such a coalition comes into being. I have heard that this could be a bitter pill for some to swallow from both sides of the fence.

Some Members have been quietly saying that if such a deal is made they will have to look at their options. Will any Councillor actually leave their Party over this, or are they just venting their frustration after fighting a long Election battle between the Blues and Yellows. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

I do expect some light-hearted and humorous exchanges between the two groups over the coming weeks, but all said and told we all really get along together no matter what colour you belong too. Everyone just wants to do what’s best for Cornwall.

It’s easier for us new to politics to take a more pragmatic view on this. Those who have been in this game a lot longer will find it hard to adjust to what has just happened in London.

Its sure going to be an interesting few days over at County Hall.

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