How Safe is your Electric Blanket?

How safe is your electric blanket? It is a very interesting question; as if you own one like me, you think they are fine due to the modern technology that goes into making them nowadays. However, this is not always the case, as during a recent campaign by Cornwall Council’s Community Protection and Safety Team and Trading Standards.

How safe is your electric blanket?

During a county-wide electrical blanket testing that took place between September and October revealed that 46.7% of all blankets tested (90 in total) failed to meet the required safety standard, 15.6% of those failures produced sparks whilst being tested. These blankets were on beds and being used by elderly residents. It has certainly made me think about my own blanket, and have remove it until I get it tested.

Credit should go to the Community Safety Team for their campaign and swift their actions which have prevented serious injury to those involved and potentially eliminated the risk of a fire in their property.

Now, please get your blanket checked.


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