How much – surely not!

Sometimes I do really wonder what goes on at Cornwall Council. Pay is just one of those areas that has got out of control. I am not directing this at the workers and lower management, but those near or at the top. I have never had an issue with people being paid and to a point paid well to reflect the tough and important job they do, but this latest news is just hard to believe, especially considering the cuts we are facing at Cornwall Council.
At the beginning of the week I sent an e-mail in response to a rumour that I had heard. I needed to find out if this rumour was indeed true. As in all large organisations there are many rumours, you just have to workout which one is true, and which ones are just rumours. Sadly I wish this one was indeed a rumour, but it’s not.
It turns out that we have an agency worker who is paid between £500 and £1000 per day. I asked for the correct figure, but no confirmed figure was given, just the acknowledgment that I was correct in what I feared. Worse is that this person has been paid by Cornwall Council for near 18 months. I could understand hiring temp staff at the beginning whilst the districts were dissolved and the Unitary was set up, but surely we could have found a permanent and cheaper replacement before now. A saving grace is that this person leaves Cornwall Council on the 15th of November. 
If you take the simple approach of a person working a 5 day week on the £500 per day that is a yearly salary of £120,000. If you use the £1000 per day (that was not denied and would have been if it had been untrue) this is £240,000 per year. That is more than Mr. Lavery. Sure, that person might not get the full amount as I am sure the agency gets a slice of the daily rate. Still, it’s a shocking amount. Of course they might not work 5 days and only say 3, but you have to ask yourself why would we need a head of service who is only there just over half the week. As to who this person is, well they are not a director, but the head of Customer Services, so not even top level management (though pretty senior).
We are facing huge cuts our services, but let’s sort this mess of wages out once and for all as then we might then be able to pay for and provide the services the people need.
Only today I heard of another rumour of a person who I was told was being paid not by Cornwall Council but by a government organisation to ‘help’ the Council. It turns out that we are paying and its £90k per year. It seems this post was ‘created’. Of course this is subject to this rumour being confirmed and is therefore just a rumour. Got to asked yourself, how many more rumours are there like this?!


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