Honouring the Boys (and girls)

Today I attended the reception held by Cornwall Council to honour the Jack Tars of 854 Squadron based at RNAS Culdrose. They along with 1000’s of other of our Forces have served in Afgan. It’s no easy task to be in the face of constant peril, but its also hard for those families left behind to having to deal with getting on with the day to day things and hoping those ‘over there’ are ok.

It was good to chat to many of those there. Many in fact I had served with, so it was good to catch up with them and have a chat (in Naval terms that means having a good mank & moan) about life, the old days and how people are keeping.  Later this year this unit is deploying again. They do a 3 month rotation with their sister unit.

It was good to see Cornwall Council honouring not just those on 854, but in essence all those who are currently serving.

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  • Betty

    Here here – well said. Our troops are doing a brilliant job and it is very fitting and appropriate that the Council pays tribute their hard work and service in this way.

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