Herding Cats

Those who stand for election under the Independent banner have a tough job. They don’t have a party machine to help them “knock” and “walk the streets”. Most will press gang family members into helping. It’s a lot harder when the weather is poor.

There are 32 of these individuals elected to Cornwall Council. We sort of join together to make some sort of lose group with no real ideology like political parties have. We elected a leader. His job is a difficult one, and to be honest we can, at the end of the day vote, say and do as we please as we have no political masters.

Today we had an “away day”. I was not at the beginning of it due to the fact I was with the SIP. It was interesting, as we did one of those modern brain storming sessions with a board and a few marker pens. It proved we do have some similar issues in the group like, cheap housing, infrastructure, schools and transport. The trick is, how to present that as a voice and not just a bunch of squabbling individuals.

We are elected to do the best for our communities, sometimes that’s very hard if you are just one voice out of 123. Sometimes it’s worth having just one large voice (32) helping your cause.

At the end of the day, we vote how we feel is best. That is the privilege and curse of being an Independent (no political party to hide behind).

The best way I can describe our Group is like someone trying to herd cats. Bloody difficult, but if there is a nice treat (for our community) offered we may at least drink from the bowl at the same time.

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