Helston’s 18 Minutes of the Olympic Torch

Details have been released of the route and timings for the Cornwall leg of the Olympic Torch as it travels the UK. It is good to see the relaxation of much of the secrecy surrounding the route. For Helston, the citizens of the town and the surrounding area will have the ‘pleasure’ of seeing the torch for a whole 18 minutes. The route the torch will follow will be:

Arrival Helston 10:07 am; 10:10 Helston Penzance Rd; 10:14 Monument Rd; 10:15 Coinagehall Street; 10:18 Godolphin Rd; 10:25 Helston – Falmouth Rd

The torch then arrives in Falmouth at 10:53. I suppose Helston should be grateful for being included in the route because it is 18 more minutes than Camborne or Redruth will receive. This is Cornwall has posted the whole route and the timings HERE




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