Helston Youth Cafe – Peoples Millions

Yesterday was a big day for Helston. It was in the final for the Peoples Millions. Up for grabs was £50,000 (Click HERE to recap on what I wrote before). If we win, we would have enough money to fund a Youth Café above Warrens Bakery.
It all started at 5am when Charlotte Chadwick picked up the papers with all the number and information in, by 7 am she had a team of helpers assembled to deliver leaflets though doors. By 9am many homes in Helston had received a leaflet through their doors. Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s had agreed to take leaflets and give them out to customers. Many other businesses in Helston and Porthleven agreed to display and have a pile of leaflets available. I was tasked to deliver leaflets in Porthleven and then stand outside the One Stop Shop and hand out leaflets asking people to vote.
In the end over 11,000 leaflets were handed out or delivered. People were still working up to 10pm last night to make sure the message was out. Facebook also came into play with many people passing on the message to vote. Even Twitter had messages urging people to vote. The phone lines closed at midnight. The winner will be announced tonight at 6pm on ITV. I really hope we win, especially as the whole community rallied together.
I have to say the main credit should go to Charlotte Chadwick who as the Helston and Community Network Manager led from the start. I really believe without her almost obsessional determination to make this happen I doubt we would have got this far. She was not the only one who deserves praise. The list is almost endless as people, business and organisations all pulled together. Here are just some of the people involved
Helston & Lizard CN team: Charlotte Chadwick, Helen Jones, Tatia Churchill
South Kerrier Alliance: Vicki Matthews (also Helston Town Council)
Youth Cornwall: Kate Shotter, Philippa Wall (Skippy), Paul Howarth
Helston Town Council: Craig Bowcutt (Town Warden), Cllr Sue Swift
Devon & Cornwall Constabulary: Beth Pascoe, Paul Whitford, Adrian Fellowes, Inspector Jean Phillips
Helston Fire service: Keith Stringer
Helston Community College
Karen Harvey plus the following Year 9 students:
Dylan Williams, Luke Parkinson, Keah Matthews, Jasmine Gregory, Ailsa Maitland, Georgia Holding, Heather MacNeil, Emma King
Young People from youth centre:
Kyle McGill, Bryn Abraham, Abi Cowls, Abi White, Matt Jory, Jordan Ferguson, John Mifflin
Children’s Centre: April Scott
Local resident: Sue Jenkin, Keith Matthews
It makes you proud to live in an area like this when you see everyone pulling together to make it work.

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