Helston Town Council gifts Guy Gibson portrait to Porthleven Town Council

On Saturday, The Mayors of Porthleven and Helston, with a ensemble of Councillors from each town, met in a ceremony to ‘handover’ a portrait of Guy Gibson VC that has for many a year rested in the Mayor of Helston’s parlor. Why did Helston have a portrait of Gibson? This goes back to a time when Porthleven and Helston had one administrative body and then in the early 1980’s, Porthleven ceded from Helston and formed its own administrative body – Porthleven Town council.

However in a local version of the Entente Cordiale, The Mayor of Helston in conversation with the Mayor of Porthleven felt this portrait should rest in Porthleven as Gibson was after all  is a ‘Son of Porthleven.’ The ceremony was a great affair, with Porthleven Town Council breaking out its best (and matching) china in welcoming Helston Town Council.

The Mayor of Helston gave a speech on the history of the painting and how the original (which was also gifted) was vandalised when a group of sailors broke into the Mayor’s parlor back in the 1990’s. The original portrait hung in the former West Cornwall School until its closure in 1967, and then thereafter rested in the mayor’s parlor. The replacement portrait will now have pride of place in the council chamber of Porthleven Town Council.

The handover...

The handover…


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  • Gill Zella Martin

    This is excellent news, it is nice to see Porthleven Town Council and Helston Town Council brought together over something nice, and so historically interesting.

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