Helston Town Branding: What do you think?

Last night I attended the Helston Traders Meeting, I was there for two reasons. The first I was asked to give a presentation on the use of Social Media (more later) and there as Divisional Councillor for 1/3 of Helston.

Before it got to my presentation, the town team made up of volunteers from the business community unveiled six designs. The businesses and public will be now asked to choose one, which will be the official Helston brand. I have to say, before you see the pictures, the designs do not jump out and say Helston. But what do I know about branding!

These designs did result in a very interesting debate on why these were chosen, why the more traditional, or more well-known brands of Helston did not make the final six. I am sure everyone will have their own opinion, and that is what the Traders Association is hoping for, as you will be able to vote for your favourite by going into the various shops in Helston. The Traders Facebook page is HERE

The six designs:

Celebration Star

Corner Stones

Cultural Style

Grante Strength

Paving the Way

United Cross



  • Gill Martin

    The first one is the most appropriate in my opinion, for tact and diplomacy reasons I will leave my comment at that.

  • Ruth

    Paving the way is the only one that gets anywhere near “jumpimg out”.

  • Andrew Wallis

    I like that one too.

  • Sam Foster

    Paving the Way looks far too much like the FWAG logo (Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group), which could cause confusion. I like the phrase though.

    I don’t particularly like any of them, or even see the point of one at all, but if I had to choose, it would be the first one.

  • Jen Pearce

    They’re all crap but if I had to choose at a push I would say the cultural style one.

  • Mandy TUrton

    I like cultural style and paving the way. I think it is a great idea for Helston to have an identity through a brand. I like the way the designers have used the styles featured in the town to inform their designs.

  • Jake Riding

    I’ve just been looking through your blog as I haven’t looked at it for awhile, out of all of them the one I like is Celebration Star, I don’t like the other ones but being honest paying money for a design is a bit of a waste of money? I’d prefer they spend the money on something better than logos but they might of got them for free? I’m not saying logos are a bad idea and Helston shouldn’t have a logo, I think Helston should have a logo but use what is left over doing up everything first, once again what I don’t know, they might of done that.

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