Helston Social Media Surgery

Last week, Cornwall Council held social media surgeries in various locations in Cornwall. It would have been great if it was on a larger scale, but you have to start somewhere. I was pleased Helston Library was selected to host one of these events last Friday.

You never know how many people will turn up, especially as these surgeries were being held in the daytime. At first me, @Donna_Sharpe and @MattBond1 thought no one would turn up as a good 20 minutes had passed without anyone coming in. Like all Geeks, we spent the time talking about our various phones, apps, and other social media related things.

However, it was great when people did indeed turn up and wanted help. The first couple who turned up wanted to learn more about Facebook because they keep hearing  ‘look on our Facebook page’ for more information; and many of their other interests are online. The team were more than happy to show them everything they wanted to know, and how best to access Facebook and various other things.

The last person of the day wanted again to know about Facebook. This time though, they did not have an account, and they were very worried about security and thought everyone would be able to see what they were doing. So the team set up a Facebook account and explained the various safety features and restrictions you can have on social media sites like Facebook.

From the feedback we received I hope Cornwall Council and myself will be able to hold more of these surgeries at different times, as there is a real need by people for helping various online content, especially as more and more government agencies and local government is being placed online.

If anyone would like more help and lives in Porthleven and Helston I would be more than willing to come and answer any questions you have on social media.

A bonus from holding the event in the Library is people then went on to sign out various books on social media, and the three of us (re)joined the Library!

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