Helston College’s new school building unveiled 

Yesterday, was the first time the public were able to see the proposed new school building for Helston College. This journey of getting a new building been a bumpy road, with many setbacks. However, this building will actually happen with the building work starting this September and opening in January 2019.

I am over the moon this is finally happening as one of priorites as Lead Member for Children’s Service has been to get getting proper funding our schools. And I was pleased our bid to the Government for a replacement building for Helston College was accepted. 

Massive credit must go to the college’s head teacher, the governors and all staff who have worked tirelessly to make this new build a reality. 

During the build, students will continue to use the existing buildings. Once the new building is open, then the old site will be demolished and replaced with sport facilities. The Sports Centre will remain in its current place. 

Many will wonder why there is not a whole school build option. This could not be achieved as the Education Funding Agency would not fund the extra millions. 

Planning will now be sought now the design and layout has been finalised.


  • Alison Stevenson

    What are the new schools environmental credentials i.e. Triple glazing ground or air source heating solar panels etc it is important that new builds be fit for the future also is this new building taking into account children with ASD and other disabilities are there spaces and places set aside for those children with sensory concerns that could have a mainstream education should the building be fit for all to use the gov has so little money special school places are cut to the bone or non existent it is vital that these needs be addressed

  • Steven jenkin

    Haven’t a problem of a brand new school the old ones falling down with age but I can’t for the life of me think why with the huge area of land available they pushed the new school near the residential homes where the other end are factories

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