Helston Businesses Help Themselves

It is often said town centres are dying because of high car parking charges. This has some truth to it, but the biggest impact on the town centres is the almost unstoppable building of supermarkets on the outskirts of towns. These supermarkets lure us into their grip with their discounted items and offers.

The public has to take some of the blame for the change in the high street, as if we resisted the lure once in a while, and spent our money in the towns, then maybe town centres would be better. Planning rules also have to change to make sure a supermarkets will not wipe-out a town centre if they get permission. Independent reports are all well and good, but I have never seen one that says no to a supermarket.

The businesses of Helston (and one business in Porthleven) are trying to encourage the shopper back into town with the offer of refunding your parking fee. This scheme started a few months ago after a public meeting of the businesses of Helston and (details HERE). The plan is to let the scheme to run for six months, and then see how it went. Whilst this initiative will not solely save the town centre it will do some good, especially for Helston.

In the weekly free newspaper called the Advertiser, owned and edited by Toby Hines he published every two weeks the list of participating shops and the minimum spend (if any) to have your parking fee refunded. Currently there are 31 independent retailers who are part of this scheme. These are:

  • Andy Barbers  – One haircut – first hour refunded
  • Bookspace – Spend £10 – first hour refunded
  • Bridal Studio – Any spend – first hour refunded
  • Butchers Antiques – Spend £10 – first hour refunded
  • Colin Bloor – Spend £5 – first hour refunded
  • Coffee Bean – Spend £10 – first hour refunded
  • Crazy Daisy – Spend £10 – first hour refunded
  • Donna Hair Studio – Spend £10 – first hour refunded
  • Exit – Spend £10 – first hour refunded
  • Forget Me Not – Spend £10 – first hour refunded
  • Fruit and Veg 4U Spend £5 – first hour refunded
  • Go Mobile – Any Contract Deal – Two Hours Refund
  • Grip – Spend £10 – first hour refunded
  • Heathercraft – Spend £10 – first hour refunded
  • Helston Toy Shop -Spend £5 – first hour free/ £10 2 hours refund
  • Inspirations – Spend £5 – first hour free
  • JC Williams – Spend £15 – first hour free
  • JJ News – Spend £10 – first hour refunded
  • Joy Williams – Spend £10 – first hour refunded
  • Keith Richards Barber – one haircut 5% off
  • Lily the Pink – Spend £10 – first hour refunded
  • Meneage Dental – 30 minute appointment – first hour refunded
  • Mothers – Spend £10 – first hour refunded
  • Outback Trading – Spend £5 – first hour refunded
  • Park Coffee Shop – Spend £5 – first hour refunded
  • Pictures and Things – Spend £10 – first hour refunded
  • Solsken – Spend £15 – first hour refunded
  • Sweet Pea – Spend £7.50 – first hour refunded
  • The Nature Store – Spend £2 – first hour free
  • The Card Shop – Spend £10 – first hour refunded
  • Thoughts, Words and Deeds – Spend £10 – first hour refunded
  • Vision Express – Spend £10 – first hour refunded
  • Whirlwind Sports – Spend £20 – first hour refunded
All you have to do is retain the second half of the ticket from Trengrouse car park, or retain your ticket from the other car parks for a refund at your next visit.
These business are showing the way that others towns should follow. Sometimes you have to help yourself and not wait for someone else to solve the problem. Well done.


  • Jules

    Great stuff! Might try and put these on a map… I think The Nature Store should be The Natural Store; sorry to be picky!

  • between-the-lines

    "Independent reports are all well and good, but I have never seen one that says no to a supermarket."

    So-called independent reports are very often written by consultancies, who have plenty of vested interests in keeping in with developers and large landowners. In other words, not very independent at all.

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