Help! Release me from Jail; or better still throw a wet sponge at me to raise money for Kernow Young Carers

As I said in a previous blog, I am helping to raise money for the very worthwhile organisation that is Kernow Young Carers. The will be two elements to this fund-raiser. The first, I am being taken to jail today, Friday from 12 noon, after being ‘arrested’ by the Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service.

After my release (or people paying more money to keep me in – which is a distinct possibility) from jail, I along with my Cabinet colleague Jim McKenna will be put in stocks. We will be then subjected to an onslaught of wet sponges being thrown at us. For at least £1 you get three sponges to be thrown at me or Jim. I am told there is already a queue forming to partake. This event will start at 2pm and is set to last 1 hour…..

If you can, please, please donate what every you can to Kernow Young Carers. You can do so either giving cash tomorrow at County Hall or by my just giving page via HERE


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