Hayle’s Supermarket War – The Eve Before the Battle

Tomorrow is a big day for Hayle in what could be described as the ‘Battle of the Supermarkets’. Four of the beasts all wanting to come and build in Hayle, but only one spot up for grabs.

From what I can tell the public are split over which supermarket should win. For every person who says they prefer a certain plan, you find someone against it, or who supports another option. My previous blog on this subject has attracted a lot of traffic and comments. Over 22 people have made comments, some close to the personal mark (not aimed at me), but I have allowed them to enable the debate to carry on.

So what is the best plan? That is a very good question which is hard to answer. This though will be needed to be answered by the 21 Members of Cornwall Council’s Strategic Planning Committee. Which way will they go? Who knows. I think it would be easier to pick the Winning lotto tickets for the next 3 weeks than make a call on which application gets the nod.

What I do know is that those Councillors present will listen to all the speakers on all sides, the professional officers comments and would have studied the extensive report that has been produced for this meeting. If you have some spare time and want to read this report, then click HERE.

Far too long Hayle has sat between it’s bigger cousins of Penzance and St. Ives, and I truly believe that it has been overlooked far too many times for investment. Could these plans be the break Hayle needs, or will it break it’s back and destroy what is left?

No matter what decision the Committee comes to, it will be wrong. Why? Well, this is because (as I have said before) there is no clear winner of support by the public or a plan that pleases all the statutory agencies that have been consulted. Planning is never simple, even a house extension can lead to hostilities between groups and neighbours. Let’s hope when the dust settles there will be no long term adverse feelings between the people of Hayle.

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