Hayle – Which Supermarket Do You Pick?

Supermarkets seem to be the de-rigeur applications for planning lately. I have blogged about this subject numerous times before. The last few years the major supermarkets have been waging a massive expansion plan in Cornwall. Wadebridge, Truro and Penzance have proposals on or about to be placed on the table. Helston has just had two large stores recently open.

The Town of Hayle has caught the eye of 3 of the big boys of the supermarket world, namely Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and a major bank called ING who own Hayle Harbour, who in turn want to develop that area. Their plan also includes a supermarket.

Last night, I attended along with most of the Strategic Planning Committee a public meeting on these proposals. All 4 of the applicants were given 10 minutes to outline their cases and highlight how their plan would be best for Hayle. Of course, they all said their plan was the best for Hayle and the other plans would not be as good as theirs. It was then the turn of the public to raise various points and concerns that they had with these applications.

Around 300 people attended this meeting, and roughly 35 of those present decided to speak. From what I heard there was no overall preferred plan, but I did get the impression that the ING and the Asda proposals had the most support from those gathered. That does not mean the whole town feels the same, as only a small percentage attended.

I don’t want to spend much time on the details as it would take a week to read and most probably bore you to death. I will though give you a brief overview on the current proposals. For guidance the Asda store in Penryn is around 72,000 sq ft.

Sainsbury’s – 53,637 sq ft store, located Marsh Lane. Offering a long term nature reserve on the additional land they own.

Asda – 59,535 sq ft store located on the Rugby Ground at Marsh Lane. In their proposals they will build a new Rugby Ground at another site. Also other business units on this site.

Morrisons – 36,113 sq ft store located on the current Jewsons site. Offering retention and renovation of grade two structures in this area

ING – 56,295 sq ft store located on South Quay. Master plan for the whole area and like the Morrisons plan includes renovations of this Quay.

The difficult question that Hayle has to answer is what plan will be best for Hayle in the long term. Hayle from my knowledge has been let down many times before on plans to regenerate the area. Grand plans have been drawn up, but nothing has ever come of them. If Hayle has to sell its soul for development and investment what price will they ask and accept. Then again, they could say no to all.

This is something we as the Committee will have to take into consideration when we make our decision in a few weeks time. Strategic Planning is never easy, especially when the decisions you make could have far reaching effects.


  • cllrjeremyrowe

    As you have mentioned above, Wadebridge faces a similar encirclement by supermarkets. Rather than ask which would be the best/least worst, perhaps the question the planners should be asking is "Do our towns need any new out of town supermarkets at all?"

    The supermarkets love to dangle incentives in front of local communities but ultimately these represent a drop in the ocean compared to their ever-increasing profits. I have nothing against profit, but I'd far sooner it went into the local community than to far off shareholders who have no interest in the vitality of our towns.

  • Anonymous

    Hayle Town Council rejected Morrisons, then Sainsbury's, supported Asda and the Rugby Club, then a longer debate over the ING proposals saw them rejected by 7 votes to 6.

    Hayle's reccomendations as consultees now go on to Cornwall's strategic planning committee.
    Graham Coad (councillor)

  • waderman

    Do our towns need any new out of town supermarkets at all?
    Absolutely yes. The cost of living in Cornwall is high enough as it is. Supermarkets help people afford things they may not elsewhere. They are a tremendous help and give a confidence boost for kids and families who may otherwise be in brand poverty.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to say as a Hayle person, that actually we have enough supermarkets already. 3 large ones that cover everyones pocket, lidls, Co-Op and M&S. These developments will cause huge damage to our community by closing down small shops, tourists and grid locking our already very busy narrow road through the town. Will a new supermarket on the quay bring people into the town? No. Will it affect our excellent tourist trade? Yes. They don't want to see that sort of development in a Cornish town. They want different to their own towns that they choose to get away from for 2 weeks a year. We need a development on the South Quay that will enhance it, bring people into the town to visit, local people and tourist alike. A sympathetic development that will bring high end job opportunities not more low paid, non skilled work. We need to keep our talented youngsters in Cornwall. For goodness sake County Councillors don't just follow government guidelines do whats best for your communities. Would Porthleven, St Ives Penzance like a supermarket on their harbour? Of course not.ING won't go anywhere as they have invested too much time and money already. They have permission to build nearly a 100 houses already. They won't leave Hayle so don't get blackmailed by them. Their plan offers very little to the community. At least Asda offered something back, although not enough in my opinion. Councillors please don't be like sheep and send Hayle to the slaughter house. Make West Cornwall something to be proud of and ensure that our visitors and businesses grow and not decline

  • Anonymous

    that was meant to be 1000 houses, sorry!

  • Anonymous

    No supermarket on South Quay please.

    How can this be called regeneration of an area, when a supermarket opens in an area this will have a detrimental effects on all the small businesses in the area.
    So you will get regeneration of the harbour area and degeneration of the existing shopping area and surrounds.
    Regeneration of the harbour area should be to
    draw public from the local area and further afield e.g. Tourists to an area.
    How can a supermarket be a tourist attraction and a place to enhance the local surrounding?
    Cornwall relies on Tourism to help the local economy, so how does Cornwall Council think a supermarket on a beautiful quay will help the local economy?

    Please save our town, and it's Quay.

    Concerned resident of Penpol Terrace, Hayle

  • Harry Blakeley

    The most extensive site specific survey was carried out by the Hayle Residents Association; it canvassed over 760 residents and the two front runners were the Jewsons site (Morrisons ) and the Rugby Club (ASDA) with South Quay (ING) coming a very dismal last showing just under 4% support; As a town councillor, this is the way I voted believing I should reflect the majority view of the Town.
    On a personal level, I believe a supermarket (we are told we WILL get one) in the Marsh Lane Retail Park area would be the LEAST damaging on the towns infrastructure; as with only one road and that is overused, especially when the A30 is closed for any reason, we need to try and preserve what we have and not deliberately block up our town with shoppers when they can easily use a suitable alternative.
    ING have permission to develop South Quay and have promised (again) to repair the harbour walls which is their statutory duty and should never have been used as a sweetener to force this supermarket upon us
    Harry Blakeley

  • Anonymous

    With referance to the Meeting on 19th at Hayle Community school. I thought that the applicants were given two days to respond to the questions asked so why is it that on the council website there are still no responses from both ING or Morrisons?
    In todays 'Big Society', where the views of Local people are considered important it is paramount that the Committee look at the overwhelming letters of support and objections for each of the applicants. As Hayle don't have any representation on the Strategic Planning Committee they will be the voice of the local people. ING already have planning so why don't they stick to it.

  • Mellenoweth

    I'm increasingly worried about the ING bid, especially as the attitude seems to be that it's a foregone conclusion.

    First and most important – it is not a 'harbour' development at all. There's no benefit or improvement to the harbour, no effort to attract boats or take advantage of the unique and historic harbour environment it could be built on any site in the country. Such a waste.

    ING have the most terrible record of promising and not doing in Hayle – first it had to be South Quay, then when that was 'too difficult' it had to be North Quay, then when the housing market collapsed it had to be South Quay again and had to have 230 houses, now it 'has' to be a supermarket on South Quay (and meantime the harbour's falling down and silting up, the beach is eroded and car parks used for years are blocked off and potholed and ING is offering 25 year lease on a cinema and possibly two bridges (not the three on the masterplan nor the restored infrastructure for the harbour). Too little.

    In fact ING and car parks have a terrible record of restricting car parking to ridiculous levels – and now the South Quay car park is supposedly vital to the regeneration but there will be no control in the town over its use or operation. Further ING won't say which supermarket is likely to be in their building – so it will probably be Tesco to increase their extraordinary 67% share of the West Cornwall retail market – and probably 24 hours to boot and brightly lit with deliveries all day and all night.

    ING also promised in their response to Sainsbury's proposal that their development would meant English Heritage and CABE and UNESCO objections – it doesn't – and to prove they're not unreasonable demands the Morrisons plans do meet them showing the problem is with ING (again). Another broken promise?

    The 'development platform' they claim is vital (and which isn't needed by Morrisons proposed building on the same datum line) is an extraordinary volume of material to be dumped on the Grade II listed World Heritage site – how many lorry trips will it take? How much dust and traffic congestion will it cause? What will it be – incinerator ash? Can the quay withstand the enormous weight – which as it is also being piled in the middle with a 'perimeter' will presumably add to the outward pressure on the harbour walls (which are no longer to be protected by a tidal gate as in the original proposal) and the 'views' they're preserving from Penpol Terrace will presumably be of cars at head height!!!

    Most importantly of all if they 'need' a 4'6"/1.8m development platform to keep their development safe from flooding where exactly do they anticipate the high tide they're protecting themselves from is going to go instead? Straight into Penpol Terrace and Foundry Square presumably – and who will pay for that chaos? I was amazed that neither the mess, disruption nor flood issues were raised by Hayle Town Council on the Listed Building Consent – it was simply nodded through. Do the Hayle people in Penpol and Foundry understand what's coming?

    ING keep saying how expensive the work they have to do is – partly of course because they've let things deteriorate so far. But they don't mention that they have been offered £5m from ASDA to do the rest of the development except the supermarket – now that really could be an interesting offer for Hayle.

  • John Curwen

    We must all live in a different town – we have a chance to regenerate the town and harbour and the same people who argued about allowing M+S at Loggans now want an Asda at Loggans. So these same 12 people who object now jump on the Rugby club bandwagon.

    Make a bigger Loggans and break another Town Council Pledge that Hayle will never merge with Connor Downs – next stop Housing next Carwin Rise Rugby Ground eh and Then a Spar.

    You want to check out the comments on the 700 Friends on facebook who are speaking for the next generation- They want a town they can use.

    Only in Hayle would people ever argue about regenerating the Town Centre and think a chalet Clubhouse on Carwin Rise might ever be preferable.

    People like Asda as a store but when I last went to Hayle Rugby there was me and 35 other people.

    I read the Cornishman and I saw the article saying £8million of benefits from ing and Morrisons offering £2m -thats a joke far as I read they offered nothing also Asda £600k was it?

    Finally while I get this off my chance if the Memorial Park lot can offer ing £5million to not build -how much money is being bankrolled there?

  • clive polkinghorne

    I think it's worth your while considering the following. All surveys including the Residents association were loaded to support the cause, the results were unsurprising as ASDA's supported ASDA and ING supported ING. The Residents Association questions were not independently set so quite rightly they arranged a Parish meeting to request the Town Council to hold an independent survey. This recieved no support at a parish meeting, all be it 10 people originally signed a declaration for the cause. Why wasn't it supported ; probably because the return may have been different to what was wanted. Andrew NO weight can be placed on the surveys as they were not independent.

    Next the Town Council which I am a member voted 7-6 FOR an objection to the ING application, a councillor, brave man, declared afterwards that he was confused with the question and voted incorrectly. He has written to Nicola Stinson with an apology So while the record showed 7-6 against it should have read 7-6 for. The Asda application was 7-6 for. To me this shows the total split in the town council and the community.

    Government guidelines support ING but not ASDA; the town benefits from development with ING, the Rugby Club who at present have wonderful facilities benefit from ASDA. In my opinion having been invovled with Traffic Management during 30 years in the police Force, Traffic at both locations will suffer, one effects Hayle the other effects the gate way to West Cornwall on a trunk road. I think this is why there is a Chapter 25 order placed on the ASDA development by The highways Authority

    I voted at the local council to support ING as I consider that this is the future for HAYLE as opposed to the ASDA application which is the future for Hayle Rugby Club. As a former player, captain, committee, secretary, and chair of the club this comes hard. But i made this decision on balanc eof fact knowing that any supermarket whether ASDA, Morrison, Tescos, Sainsburys especially with a garage will effect Hayle Commerce detrimentally and I have confidence in your excellent planning officers to move forward with problems solved with a s106 agreement within government guidelines


    Clive Polkinghorne

  • Bob Mims

    Bob Mims—–Secretary Hayle Residents AssociationCV

    It must be remembered that the ING proposal is different from the other three applications due to constrains to the location which should be taken into account.
    • The Supermarket proposed is on part of a Statutory Harbour covered by the Hayle Harbour Act 1989 in which the Harbour Owner is bound by statute to keep the Harbour access safely navigable, the Harbour properly maintained and fully operational as a Commercial Harbour, and with the provision of a defined access to all the quay edges for boat owners, their equipment and vehicles, including Emergency vehicle access.
    None of these statutes or provisions have been allowed for in the ING Plan or Application.
    • The site is within the World Heritage Site.
    • The site is also within a Conservation Area.
    The Design and Plans for a Supermarket on the site ignore these two very important facts relating to the long time future of Hayle and its Heritage.
    • The fact that no specific Supermarket Operator is named in the Application indicates that if approved the site will be opened to a "Dutch Auction"
    • The applicant is a Dutch Bank with a Real Estate subsidiary -not a real Developer and will not be involved with building the scheme if approved. The Development if approved would then also become the subject of a "Dutch Auction" between various Developing Companies and the statutory obligations within the Harbour Act ignored
    to the long term detriment of Hayle, World Heritage and Conservation.

    If Approval is considered it should be Conditional and subject to their statutory obligations being met and their scheme amended accordingly

  • Anonymous

    Whitlst Mr Polkinghorne's comments with regard to the surveys carried out may be correct and quite dissmissive. No one can deny or dissmiss those local people who wrote to either the Town Council or County Council these are real. Everyone has the right to object or support whoever they feel is the right application for the area. Will Mr Polkinghorne help find somewhere for residents and shoppers to park should the highways ever be forced to remove the on street parking, with which we are all grateful for, should the town get conjested due to an in town supermarket on South Quay.

  • Anonymous

    I was there at the Town Council meeting Cllr Birch corrected the misinformation that It was individual letters -it was a rugby club petition made to look like individuals letters.He was booed by the Rugby fans for saying that which was terrible

    There is a small group of 12 people working very hard to stop anything happening in Hayle-2 have posted on here

    Your poster Bob Mimms before I seem to remember wanted the HMS Plymouth in Hayle Harbour before he realised at High tide the boat would rise higher than the viaduct.

    The Cornishman said the schemes had millions spent on them surely ing would know the Harbour Act havent they just gone through it with the bridge .

    I have spoken to several councillors about Tesco and I am clear in my mind is that the reason why ing has no supermarket attached is that the key operators not including Waitrose all have schemes in or out of Hayle which they are tied in to see to next wednesday then they can go elsewhere I believe

  • Mrs Hosking

    As an interested, open minded member of this community, I make a few observations without the baggage of bias.
    Councillor Polkinghorne, I took part in the residents survey, being at the medical centre for my flu jab and there were many people from across Hayle who were interested and waited to answer the four simple questions as to where they preferred a supermarket if we had to have one.
    There was nothing leading or selective from the gentleman, I understand he is a councillor and it makes a pleasant change for any councillor to ask ordinary people their opinion. First time for me!
    I also attended the public meeting regarding the possibility of a referendum, the same councillor explained quite clearly as did the mayor that a referendum was not the best course of action in this case because it would not influence the planning committee, would cost over £2000 and wouldn’t be done in time, so your comments are wrong, you vainly attempt to cast doubt on the only group in Hayle that seem to have the residents wishes to heart, perhaps you should take a leaf from their book.
    Hayle desperately needs to be re-developed; we need meaningful, sustainable employment, proper jobs, this might be achieved with a working harbour, but not a supermarket.
    ING have made promises on several occasions then backed down on all of them.
    HOW CAN WE trust them.
    They are not going to repair the lock gates so we can’t re-introduce Sluicing, NO fisherman’s quay, NO marina, or slipways and will not clear away the bar, what use is this to boat owners?
    Now it seems we are to have 200 more unemployed. Where are the promised jobs?
    This current proposal shows a foot bridge, it is so low, boats will not be able to pass under it; they show a quayside, too narrow cars or vans can’t get on it so boat owners cant get to their boats, emergency vehicles will be unable to get to a casualty.
    The artists’ impressions are only there to impress you, they are not real, just wishful thinking.
    Repairing the quay walls should not be under discussion, it is a statutory duty ING have neglected since their ownership.
    They now promise to carry out this work, but only because it is essential for them to support the weight of the flood defences and buildings.
    A large portion of this application is for outline permission, which leaves it wide open to drastic changes in the future. This application is probably the worst case scenario for Hayle.
    No suitable access to boats, no long term parking available, declared controlled parking in surrounding streets, an unusable harbour, no storage space for fishermen’s equipment, dangerous access to the sea.
    We have a bank here who has constantly mislead us, proving themselves unreliable, they just cannot be trusted; They have no experience in harbours, they have have declared they will walk away from

  • Henry

    A Supermarket on South Quay is about the worst option one can imagine for a number of reasons. Virtually all the existng shops along Penpol Terrace will face unfair competition and most will close or change into totally different product ranges. Lets look at each shop, The Furniture Shop, probably be ok, the Bicycle Shop, ok, Charity Shop ok, Vegetable Shop, severe competition, not ok, Bigglestons hardware, will suffer a significant loss of income, may close after 136 yaers of trading, Fresh Cafe,reduced trade if supermarket has its own cafe,Icecream Shop ok, Blewetts Toy Shop,a significant loss of income if the supermarket is a broad spectrum retailer as it will sell all the high profit popular toys,Flower shop and Pet Shop,both of these will lose a lot of income and may close, Newsagent/Post Office,again a significant loss of income but may be able to handle this as it part of a national chain,The Spar,this will take the biggest loss of all,but as it is also part of a national chain,who knows, Vegetable shop, severe loss of income and may well close,Hampsons the Butchers, again a severe loss of income and may well close.All these shops with the exception of the Newsagents and the Spar are owned and run by local people who recycle their income by spending their momey in Hayle.It is obvious that as a majority of the goods available along Penpol Terrace will be duplicated in the Supermarket why will shoppers on leaving the Supermarket bother to walk a consderable distance to the bridge to buy things they can buy in the comfort of the Supermarket?

  • Henry

    A Supermarket on South Quay will blight Hayle for deacdes to come. Hayle will be forever known as the town that allowed a clone Supermarket to be built on what should be its pride and joy, the Harbour. Hayle is once again going to miss out on the lucrative holiday trade as I cannot imagine holiday makers will want to come to Hayle to see our clone Supermarket on what should be a quaint beautiful lively thriving bustling Cornish Harbour. Yes they will come into Hayle,with all traffic problems that brings,but they will only stay long enough to buy their provisions and then leave to go to already established tourist destinations. There is very little in Hayle to keep them here. I along with many others had hoped the Harbour development would have provided that attraction to keep them entertained in Hayle for the day and prompt many return visits. Sadly this will never happen with a Supermarket.

  • John Curwen


    Possibly you dont live in Hayle do you? Because everyone is sick that you have to travel to Penzance for your main shopping -sure you can get bits -but I dont want to pay for big shopping every week in M+S and yes I do use Coop before you throw that one in.

    And you might find your beloved Coop Henry was built on The Copper Company Quay

    However my point I remember being in the Milk Bar in St Ives and talking to Ruth one of the ladies who worked in their (she was from up north) and she said I am not sure about all this Tate talk -it was the Gasworks at the time Henry. What do we need an art gallery that big for

    I am sure when the people in Porthmeor cafe heard the Tate had a cafe they wanted to stop that too

    Well we have had is 30 years waiting for The National Museum of this and that ,to come to Hayle and nothing has happened so I think we can conclude with the state of Britiain at the moment its not going to come in another 30 years

    There are a lot of Kangaroo planners on this blogspot – what do they say – a little knowledge is a dangerous thing

  • philip clough

    Seems like this is the usual residents propaganda line fuelled by the Councillor who chairs the meetings for ASDA

    Sad really that because of a personal dispute between 2 people the Councillor and an ex Councillor The residents association broadcasts myths and untruths

    What's more sad I was told that the residents association annual subs was £60 at £5 a sub that's 12 people – oh how representative of the views of Hayle

    Look at the call for a referendum the same names were on that or was it Mrs Blakeley I think it was

  • Graham Darlow

    I feel so many people only have the brand of a supermarket in their minds rather than what the change can do for Hayle.

    The redevelopment is paramount to the long term future for the residents of Hayle. We rely so much on the holiday trade where at the moment a lot of business that could be carried out by local traders goes to more pleasant areas such as ST IVES, MARAZION and MOUSHOLE. Hayle is not a place where you can enjoy the atmosphere like the other towns mentioned. We need to build an atmosphere into the town allowing tourists and locals alike to use the proposed new and current facilities. This will keep revenue within the town, allowing Hayle to prosper. This will open up more opportunities for local entrepreneurs’ to build businesses rather than elsewhere in the county.

    To raise comment I feel everyone needs to study the whole picture in detail. People who have lived in Hayle most of their lives are best equipped to appreciate the deprived area we’ve been living in. In contrast residents who have moved from inner cities to Cornwall expecting Hayle to stay in the dark ages reminding them of their child hood visits many decades ago.

    Rather than negatives, lets have some positives for a change and not listen to the dinosaurs which have all the time in the world to think up every obstacle they can dream up to enable them to live in the past. Think of the young and future generations for a change. Hayle was always revolutionary in the past, Hayle saw great changes 180 yrs ago lets see some again.

  • Phil Allatt

    For those of us who have been in Hayle over the last 40 years have seen a handful of people with good ideas come and go. A lack of vision and foresight by a minority within the community has caused these people to leave town mostly in financial tatters. The gradual decline of our traditional manufacturing industries in the region over this same time frame has exasperated the situation.

    Cornish Tourism is a crucial income for the area and Hayle is missing out on this lucrative income generator. Our visiting customers expectations are continually increasing whilst the Hayle proposition is continuing to decline.

    It is crucial to the future prosperity and survival of Hayle for us to find ways of promoting Hayle tourism If this is not addressed immediately the town will have nothing left to pull itself out of this continual spiral of decline.

    Over the last 30 years nothing seems to satisfy the knockers. ING are the latest recipients to get bashed despite the best scheme ever for South Quay. If a £35 million pound planning phase investment by one of the largest corporations in the world does not achieve a successful conclusion Hayle will be branded uninvestable. Who will want to be involved if ING get sent away like their predecessors or do we think arrogantly that there is a long list of people who want to get a kicking in Hayle by about 20 Internet thugs.

    Other regions in the country actively encourage inward investment. Hayle together with the rest of Cornwall need to diversify by embracing change and working with inward investors. Promoting tourism is fundamental to our future but lets think like Harvey and Co and not try and live in the past, lets think of new technology,marine renewables and new working patterns- stop living in the past and think of the future. We have to think about the future generations and not the folk from London,Oxford ,Wales who have retired into Hayle

    We want a dynamic town not a landscape that never changes because change upsets the stick in the muds who don’t have kids in the town

    The recent plans for South quay will bring people to Hayle and keep people spending in Hayle. If we compare this to the other three competing Supermarket schemes it is the only proposition that will create the foundation for a prosperous future for the town. Other proposal such as out of town shops will have the exact opposite effect.

    The current investment albeit significant will be the catalyst for further inward investment into the area. Hayle and Cornwall needs this kick start to lay the foundation for future strategic long term growth.

    We have tried living in the past with the lights off and no investment for 30 years, can we try something different now please

  • Henry

    A few more thoughts on Hayles future after Wednesday. For Hayle to prosper and thrive it must attract and retain the attention of the large number of holiday makers, the 2nd largest number of holiday beds in Cornwall after Newquay, who have decided to base themselves in or near Hayle. This relativly huge resource has very little reason to actually visit Hayle and when they do there is very little to keep them here. If Hayle allows a Supermarket to be built on South Quay this opportunity will be lost for decades, after all one Supermarket is very much like any other. When holiday makers come to Cornwall, particularly first time visitors they have a vision of what to expect and it is mostly what a Cornish harbour should look like. Places like St Ives,Mousehole, Porthleven,Padstow all are solid manifestations of that expectation. None have a Supermarket dominating the view. Portleven does have a small Supermarket but it is tucked almost out of sight of the harbour. If a Supermarket the size of the one proposed for Hayle was proposed to be built across the end of Porthleven harbour it would be comprehensively thrown out so why should we have such a building in Hayle harbour? Any holiday maker visiting Hayle will be sadly disappointed by what they will find and are unlikely to return or recommend visiting Hayle to any of their friends. On the other hand if a really imaginitive scheme to develop Hayle harbour was put forward that created a vibrant, interesting,visually attractive sets of buildings on the Quay that would not only attract these holiday makers but retain and entertain them for the day,then Hayle would really start to prosper. You may well saying this cant be done but look back at the De Savery Scheme and the early Franklin Schemes, both of these had imagination,originality,were visually attractive(they reflected the appearance of Penpol Terrace) and were therefore more what you would expect to find on a Cornish harbour. Schemes along these lines would get my support. If any of those had been built Hayle would now be a far more prosperous place. If this Supermarket is built then Hayle will have lost an enormous opportunity and be condemmed to be known for its traffic jams and the drab appearanceof its Harbour and have virtually nothing for the holiday maker.

  • Philip Clough

    Henry someone before asked if you actually live in Hayle – I am not sure either ?

    I live at the Towans and your views on holidaymakers is complete nonsense -have you been up to the Haven and talked to anyone or are you told to say this stuff

    Unfortunately Hayle is never referred to by any of the companies as where the sites actually are situated its always St ives bay close to St Ives. Henry they don't want to mention Hayle
    They don't believe that Holidaymakers would want to go into Hayle at present and you know what Henry they don't – the answer I get in the Spar is there is no where to go and they'll get the shopping at the Morrisons at Penzance.

    When you talk about how good previous plans were it is quite annoying -the same developers who were allowed to do nothing and went into bankruptcy.

    Nothing has happened in Hayle because of a solid group of retired folk who have blown in with no kids who just want nothing to change and the loud voices of a crowd of from up country people who live outside Hayle and tell us how it should be.

    Sure the beach near me might get busier because of all this but then my kids might end up being proud of Hayle and not think they have to move away.

  • Hayle Harbour User

    Hayle and Porthleven harbours share a common theme (they are privately owned)
    When the wall collapsed in Porthleven (it was repaired)
    When you drive down either hill towards the harbour you see a working harbour with a mix of leisure and fishing boats (like Hayle)
    I ask this question would say a Mcdonalds on the quay at Porthleven be seen as a "feature" or attraction to the area.
    I suspect the answer would be NO.
    But the equivilent in visual efect is being applied for at Hayle!!!
    We do not want Hayle to be unique in being the only Cornish Port with a S/Mkt on its listed Quay.

  • Anonymous

    Having lived in Hayle for over 70 years I have seen the town in its many manifestations. But for the last 35 years the decaying eyesore of a harbour has presented its least attractive face to the world Yet it has huge potential

    The redevelopment of Hayle harbour will be a once-in-a-liftime opportunity to kick-start the regeneration of the whole harbour area. The ING plans for South Quay strike the right sort of balance between commerce and amenity. The prospect of restoring the quay walls and opening up the whole area to the public, with foodstore, cafe cinema etc is one which the vast majority of Hayle people welcome

    A renewed vibrant quay will also secure the local heritage by providing the funding streams to maintain the waterways and landscape, and allow further improvements in the future

    Let us remember also that development and investment will also provide jobs and homes for our local people So we should approach this opportunity with realism and a positive attitude, and brush aside the petty negativity of the few, who like death and taxes, are always with us

  • Mrs Hosking

    Oh my, we are really getting personal now, so let’s continue.
    A couple of points should be remembered, firstly the De Savoury scheme was thwarted by the then Hayle Town Council! (Which included Pollard, Philp, Capper etc) I remember talking with some of them (they deny it now! But apparently held an impromptu council meeting on the coach returning from the Falmouth visit De Savoury had organised) and they were proud to have blocked this incomer from developing and making a profit to such an extent he abandoned Hayle after selling off key parcels of land and the two tidal pools so as to make it difficult for any one to develop in the future, Nice one old councillors!
    Secondly, at no time have I seen written anywhere or heard any one from the residents association EVER resisted regeneration or redevelopment of Hayle, quite the contrary, they applaud these principals, it is the un necessary inclusion of a supermarket on the quay, with all the associated problems it will create, that is the ONLY contentious issue.
    It is unfortunate that ING have brought upon themselves this aura of mistrust but they cannot deny the plethora of broken promises, the sacking of any harbour employee who has had the courage to tell the truth, the heavy handed way they treat boat owners and complete refusal to undertake reinstating the harbour so as to be in working condition,
    We are at risk of having it silting up just as they did with Helston, is that what we want?
    It is ING who constantly want to wring more from the town and put absolutely nothing back, don’t be hoodwinked by this conglomerate, they only have allegiance to themselves, not us the people who will have to live with the aftermath of their greedy venture.

  • Anonymous

    I have spent some time on the internet studying the Planning Officers report to Cornwall Council's Strategic Planning Commitee relating to Hayle I would suggest that some correspondents should seek out the facts before leaping into print.The Planning officers report is a comprehensive assessment of all the RELEVENT planning issues and in my opinion stands up to any scrutiny

    The report comes down on the side of ING's plans for South Quay, and the report's findings are very persuasive

    It would surely be a grave error to allow development on green field sites like the ASDA or Sainsbury sites,whilst a decaying brown-field site,practically in the centre of Foundry is denied. The Morrisons site is less adjacent to the shops than outh Quau, and has weaker pedestrian links.

    But most importantly, th ING plan is about regenerating a huge and direlect part of Hayle for which local people have waited for years

    Th release of South Quay will breathe new life into Hayle, and apart from housing, jobs and environmental improvements, wil allow pedestrian access for walking and leisure purposes never previously pssible here; and of course will driv forward other stges of regeneration on Noth Quy etc,

    I'm sure that Crnwall Council will see this as a wonderful opportunity to bring some good news to our County in such difficult economic times.

    I, like all my family an friends, are eagerly hoping for the success of the ING application, as are the silent majority

  • Mrs Hosking

    At no time have I seen written anywhere or heard any one from the residents association EVER resisted regeneration or redevelopment of Hayle, quite the contrary, they applaud these principals, it is the un necessary inclusion of a supermarket on the quay, with all the associated problems it will create, that is the ONLY contentious issue.
    It is unfortunate that ING have brought upon themselves this aura of mistrust but they cannot deny the plethora of broken promises, the sacking of any harbour employee who has had the courage to tell the truth, the heavy handed way they treat boat owners and complete refusal to undertake reinstating the harbour so as to be in working condition,
    We are at risk of having it silting up just as they did with Helston, is that what we want?
    It is ING who constantly want to wring more from the town and put absolutely nothing back, don’t be hoodwinked by this conglomerate, they only have allegiance to themselves, not us the people who will have to live with the aftermath of their greedy venture.

  • clive polkinghorne

    Please take into account when deciding; that nearly 800 people many of whom I know to be youngsters, our next generation, have supported the ING application on facebook.

    The issue raised by the anonymous person regarding parking has been dismissed by ING and Cornwall Council.

    In conclusion Hayle at present is a town that buses full of visitors travel through to get to St.Ives, Penzance, and Lands End because we have nothing to offer but dereliction. If this scheme is approved I can forsee such buses full of visitors wanting to stop at Hayle.

  • Mr Hosking

    I reckon the same names appear time and time again from the "Residents" Association -strange I dont know anyone apart from the cheerleaders on the web who are in the residents Association

    What exactly does the residents association do anyway – hold meetings and do biased polls ?

    Mrs Hosking sounds like he has got a chip on his shoulder -now I wonder who that could be

  • Anonymous

    Why should a Hayle Town councillor apology to ING the developer for getting his vote wrong. Unless he's got a undeclared interest.
    A vote is a vote and should not be overturned.

    He should be apologising to the people of Hayle for being incompetent councillor.

    He should stand down or resign!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I still don't understand why on earth some of you think a huge supermarket on a Cornish harbour will be the making of the town? They have started work on North Quay so the so called 'ING regeneration' is starting. Why do you think they have changed their plans 3 times for South Quay.? It was going to be left last, maybe 10 to 12 years, then a tower block plan which we were told was going to create high end jobs & bring business into the town. Another disgrace by Cornwall Council allowing such a hideous plan to go through. Now because the bottom has fallen out of the housing market they want a supermarket. Basically its a quick way to get a return on their investment so far. If I was a share holder I wouldn't mind that at all. Unfortunately I am not, I am a Hayle person that lives in Foundry now. ING are a bank not a charity. They don't care what happens to Hayle once they have their money. I find it incredible that some of you genuinely think that the harbour will be transformed by a huge modern supermarket on it? It’ll be transformed alright, unfortunately into something that will probably send Hayles tourists running off to St Ives to look at their Cornish Harbour! Of course we want a harbour to proud of just as St.Ives, Porthleven etc are of theirs. But really a supermarket and 30 town houses? Hardly a tourist attraction or something to pull in people in the surrounding areas is it? Our County Council should push for a hell of a lot more from ING on South Quay considering what they have done to our beaches and the fact they already have permission to build hundreds of houses on our sand dunes and green fields

  • Anonymous

    I dont think you get it! Tekoa demolished the harbour and left nothing. Hayle has never been a quaint Disney Harbour.It was a place for scrap and now its derelict
    You really are comparing St Ives to Hayle – I don't want that what exactly happens on Smeatons Pier nothing or maybe we look to the RNLI side and let the kids do tombstoning and we can permanently park an ice cream van there.
    So whats your plan? Here alot of knockers But whats your plan? uhmm leave it and someone else will come along -genius

  • Anonymous

    Mr.Wallis, I see that this blog has quietened down a bit, but I can assure you that the people who want an appropriate development of South Quay Hayle are still hoping that people like yourself and your fellow Committee Members will vote to give Hayle a harbour it can be proud of. I cannot impress on you enough how important it is to get this right. South Quay is so visible and prominent in Hayle that this development cannot just be considered as just any old site. Whatever happens on South Quay will be so intrusive on the town that it will decide Hayles future for many generations to come. The only comparison I can think of is the building across the end of Porthleven Harbour, and if this scale of building and development destined for Hayle was proposed for Portleven I am confident the good people of Porthleven would be totally against it. May I suggest that you and other Committee Members contact Mr. Harry Blakley, the Chairman of The Hayle Residents Association and a Hayle Town Councillor, who always comes across as an honest broker, as I am sure he would invite you all to visit Hayle so you can asertain for yourselves the local opinion on this very important proposal.

  • Anonymous

    Why do the local councillors and indeed people not support smaller diverse businesses, current and new, by asking for a traditional set of market place buildings stone warehouses to be built where people can sell local and other goods in a stunning architecturally interesting set of buildings, offering a smaller more intimate shopping experience, which the tourists would love, making this location a destination, the local people would benefit from? The council and local finances would benefit hugely from the more diverse rent and rates, thus offering a more flexible arrangement for more businesses, so you will get a more diverse varied and interesting set of business there. Why is this so hard to work out? Supermarkets kill local business, deplete local skills and never support the local area for more than a year or two. I spend a lot of time here and always lament the lack of thought leadership in hayle. Robert

  • Henry

    Andrew, Please consider giving ING outline permission, then encourage them to buy the Jewsons site, then they can move the large scale Supermarket on to that site and then come forward with a smaller scale proposal for South Quay. This would appease English Heritage, gain considerably more support from the ordinary people of Hayle and give us a harbour we can be proud of.

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