Have your say on Porthleven’s Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire

The mere mention of planning and building will be met with responses from the not in my backyard to the yes, let’s build. Getting the right balance between protecting the environment and sustainable development is a very difficult path to navigate. Cornwall Council tends to get the blame on most planning related issues, but the truth be told is it is the Government legislation that is to blame because this legislation is what we have use.

This is one reason Cornwall Council has been for that last few years putting together its own Local Plan. This plan will give a level of control over planning in Cornwall for the next 15 or so year. There can be a further level of more local control by having a Neighbourhood Plan. These types of plan allow town and parish council’s a greater say in where development should happen first. It is important to say they cannot stop development.PNP_Logo2-e1417625617588

Porthleven Town Council has decided that a Neighbourhood Plan would be in the best interest of Porthleven. From this support, a working group of representative from the Porthleven’s community, including landowners, has started work on Porthleven’s own Neighbourhood Plan.

The strapline for the plan is simple: OUR PLAN, OUR TOWN, OUR FUTURE

However, before any detail is put down towards Porthleven’s Neighbourhood Plan, the working groups wants to hear from the residents of Porthleven. The working group has gone about this by sending a questionnaire to every household in Porthleven. This questionnaire is available online too. So whilst there has been only have one copy sent to your house, there are other copies available both in hardcopy and online. It is very important that all residents have their say, which includes children and young people, who will need housing and facilities in the future.

The online survey can be found by clicking this LINK.

Huge credit should go to the volunteers who have made up the Neighbourhood Plan working party for there hard work to date. Therefore, I urge you to take the five-minutes and complete the questionnaire, as your answers will aid the working party come up with a plan that is supported by the residents of Porthleven. As for a plan to be adopted it needs to have a public referendum with at least 50% of those voting must be in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan. As if it is not supported, then there will be no Neighbourhood Plan, and from this, it could lead Porthleven to development taking place with no local input.

More details on Porthleven’s Neighbourhood Plan can be found via the website HERE


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