Have you registered your child for a school place in September?

Welcome to 2014 and my first blog of the year. This first blog is going to start off with a plea; this plea is if you have children born between 01 September 2009 and 31 August 2010 you have to register your child for a school place (that is of course unless you want to home educate) for September 2014? If  you have not, you need to apply for a place BEFORE the 15th January 2014 – that leaves you 12 days.

It is simple to do, as you can apply using the  online application system; which can be found HERE.

Sadly, too many people leave this to the last-minute, or  just a month or two before the school term starts. This results in a lot of extra work for the schools admission team. But worse, and in areas where school places are at a premium, parents often find they do not get their first choice of school. I have seen too many school appeals take place when the parents have not applied in time for a school place.

More worrying, with just a few weeks to go until January 15th, there are roughly 1000 (at time of blogging) children who have not been registered for a school place! That is 25% of eligible children who have not applied for a school place. That my friends is leaving it a little too late.

If you need help, Cornwall Council’s Family Information Service is a useful resource; they can help with choosing a school, completing the application, understanding the process or other aspects of starting school, or help parent and carers whose first language isn’t English. They can be contacted on 0800 587 8191.

Please, please make sure you have registered your children for a school place! As failing to, can result in disappointment and extra hassle for both you and the Council.