Harbour Clean and a Future Plan

Last Saturday a harbour clean organised by Porthleven TC and The Harbour and Dock Company took place. 10 people turned up, which was good because the weather was awful. In just over an hour eight black bin bags of rubbish were collected from the harbour.

After the clean-up had taken place, a discussion started about cleaning up other areas of Porthleven. One of the group had previous experience of this sort of activity. That group was call Pride in Portishead, or its short name PiP. Everyone present thought the name was great as Porthleven could be substituted for Portishead.

I now will be looking at setting up a PiP for Porthleven that will meet roughly once a month to carry out small tasks in Porthleven. I hope it will be in-conjunction with the Town Council, Harbour and Dock, other organisations in Porthleven and most of all, the public. If you fancy taking part email, or phone me expressing an interest.

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  • Anonymous

    Nice idea, and would be someting that could be taken up across the county. Sadly too many people think Cornish countryside and beaches are a dustbin.

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