Gypsy and Traveller Camps

A new Working Group on this very subject has been set up. I am not a Member of this Group, but I have got hold of the notes and Agenda for this Panel. It makes for some very interesting reading. In my experience from being a former Kerrier District Councillor nothing makes the Public take to the streets or start a Petition quicker than when there is a hint of a Gypsy/Traveller site proposed for their area.
Now I will be straight up and say I do not know where these proposed new site could be, but only the recommendations laid down in the report. Much could change from this and the final decision, but I thought it right to tell what is being proposed. The next few paragraphs are taken from these notes.
It was decided that a key task and output of the Working Group was preparation of an initial Issues & Options paper for the included Travelling Communities Development Plan Document, the paper to be presented to Cabinet in July 2010 for approval in anticipation of possible public consultation in September 2010 (alongside a similar document for the Core Strategy). In terms of a related programme of work, in advance of presentation to Cabinet, it was decided that the next meeting (15th April) should focus on evidential issues and strategy options. Thereafter, draft and revised draft versions of the Issues & Options paper would be prepared for consideration at following meetings (13th May and 10th June respectively) before eventual presentation to Cabinet. 
Number of Families Occupying Unauthorised Sites
Cornwall    Caradon   Carrick   Kerrier   N. Cornwall   Penwith 
   118             7             20               24                0                      8            


Caradon –  (1 Site) Liskeard area Gypsies and Irish Travellers
Carrick – (2 Sites) 1 Near Truro, New Travellers. Near authorised Wheal Jane Site – Gypsies and Irish Travellers
Kerrier – (2 Sites) Lizard – New Travellers. Near Camborne – Gypsies and Irish Travellers
Penwith – (1 Site) Not Specified – New Travellers
Restormel (2 Sites) St Austell/Bugle Area – Gypsies. Newquay – New Travellers.

Now these areas just listed are not confirmed, but just recommendations. 


Caradon (1 Site) Near Liskeard, towards Plymouth
Carrick (2 Sites) Truro Area and Near Authorised Wheal Jewell Site
Kerrier (1 Site) Helston or Lizard
N. Cornwall (2 Sites) Davidstow and Camelford
Restormel (1 Site) Near St Austell.

Again, these are just recommendations, but as I said in my opening paragraphs, I think its only right that these should be known up front and not when the decision has been made that they ARE going there.

No sites have been identified in these areas. I am informed that before any decision is made the local community will be fully consulted before any decision is made. Saying that I think it’s always best to be up front on issues like this.

As always I welcome your views.


  • Anonymous

    Why is this information on your blog?If you arent a member of the working party should you be giving details of the items under discussion?Do the members of the working party agree with you posting this info?How can a working party do its work if all its details are out in the open,what purpose does your post serve other than worrying people,probably unnecessarily?

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    It's in the Public's interest or its a public document are two reasons that spring to mind.

    Should all decisions and discussion be behind closed doors? I think not, nor will I sign up to anything that restricts information to the public.

    We should fundamentally be open in the business of the Council.

  • Anonymous

    Sadly that doesnt answer my questions,did you have permission to post this info from the members of the working party?I presume not from your answer,clearly other cllrs will decide in future you cant be trusted with info and the people you represent will then suffer,that certainly wouldnt be in the "publics interest"

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    In answer to your question, yes I did have permission. After all they sent the info to me.

  • Anonymous

    So all members of the working group gave you permission to post this information on your blog?
    Why in that case are members of the group furious and the Council itself less than impressed?

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    Why post anonymous, I am always willing to put my name to something I believe in. Maybe you should before I comment again.

  • Anonymous

    What matters Cllr is the question,not whose asking it,your refusal to answer speaks volumes.

  • Lisa Dolley

    I think it should be said in the Public Domain that I was not the one to pass the info on to you Andrew. Lisa Dolley

  • Cllr.Lisa Dolley

    Andrew, as a member of that Panel I was under the impression that a letter drafted by the Panel on 15th April was to be sent to all Members. This letter was supposed to bring clarity and transparency to ALL Members. Since yo tell me that you have not received it as yet I am going to ask questions as to why it has not been sent. I indicated my approval of the draft last Friday. My impression last Thursday was that speed was of the essence so that there were no misunderstandings as to the Panels workings.
    I, for one, felt that everybody should be quite clear as to our working schedule and objectives.

  • Anonymous

    What a sad day for democracy when someone complains about being open and honest to the public…!!!

  • Anonymous

    The rumour is one could get away with anything if they come and simply blame it on the gypsies . Yeehar bring it on

  • Dudley

    I know we are not in your area, but where does this leave us now? Locally people have bought up fields, stuck on a caravan, declared themselves gypsies and are getting the Liaison Officer to negotiate permission for permanent pitches. They are drawn to the Eco Park like . . .
    The survey is now five years out of date, the permanent sites are full, and it seems planners are preparing to grant permissions just to get themselves out of a hole.

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