Guy Gibson VC

Guy Gibson VC, who is he? Well he is a son of Porthleven. Born in India, but his mother was a born and bred Porthleven-er. He was a damn good pilot too, who led a squadron of equally exceptional pilots and aircrew in a raid against 3 dams during World War Two.

At last nights Porthleven Town Council meeting there was an item that I and Dick Powell had asked for. This was to discuss the possibility of a better monument than what is currently well hidden in the cemetery behind St Barts Church. To be honest you almost trip over it trying to find it as its not the easiest thing to find. It’s quite surprising how many people do actually come looking for it. When I owned a shop many people came in asking for direction. Many of those were Dutch.

It was felt that this was a good idea to look at something better and more fitting. One idea that met with a lot of approval was a large plaque in granite/metal to be placed on the iconic Bickford-Smith Institute. The two seem almost matched. A Mr. Vic Strike who is an expert on Gibson, and who also lives in Porthleven came along to the meeting. He was fully supportive of this course of action.

The Council voted to form a small working group (of 4) to look into various ideas and consult with the public. Vic Strike was also invited (and accepted) to sit on this working group. I know we have a street named after him, but I do believe this idea of a plaque is a worthy and fitting idea for such a person.


  • Anonymous

    Craig Bowcutt: A bronze Lancaster would be good or similar aircraft type he flew

  • Anonymous

    Crumbs. I used to live in Porthleven, but am glad I don't now if this is what Councillors suggest:

    "but I do believe this idea of a plague is a worthy and fitting idea for such a person."

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    Typo happily corrected!

  • Anonymous

    It was funny while it lasted.

    Keep up the good work with an interesting blog.

  • Anonymous

    It’s good to commemorate, but as per your own “cat is out of the bag” post there are more pressing things to pay for than the improvement of an existing monument which can be done in the future when it's affordable. If you look after the pennies!
    I do agree by the way that the council doesn’t need to pay 50,000 pounds to attend the Royal Cornwall show, again look after the pennies.

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