Government confirms Newquay Airport qualifies for support

My Cabinet colleague Adam Paynter – whose responsibility covers Newquay Airport – confirmed  and welcomed today’s formal confirmation from the Department for Transport, that the air service between Newquay Cornwall Airport and the London region is eligible for a Public Service obligation (PSO).

By Imposing a PSO on the route between Newquay and London will mean the Government providing a subsidy to an operator to deliver the connection for a four-year period.  This will provide a much more secure future for the route than the current situation which relies on the commercial decisions of an operator.

The next stage is for the Department for Transport to formally notify the European Commission of its decision.  This will then be followed by the Council issuing tender documents inviting airlines to submit bids to operate a service.   Under EC regulations, airlines must have a two month period in which to prepare and submit bids to the Council.

This is great news for the airport and the council who own the airport, as the Newquay to London route is important to not only the airport, but also the Cornish economy which benefits from having the airport.


  • Christopher Smith

    Good news. With a heavy heart I’ve just booked Exeter yet again – £100 cheaper for the same destination, there’s a limit to how much I’ll spend for loyalty for my home airport. (Plus no stupid maddening Airport Development Levy).

  • Dave McLeod

    Difficult to believe those figures – I’ve just booked a flight to Manchester and back next week and it’s £50 cheaper from Newquay than it would of been from Exeter! I’m also saving the fuel costs and more than an hour’s drive each way. A £5.00 fee to help keep my LOCAL, CHEAPER and more CONVENIENT airport open is a non-issue for me. The money the airport generates for the local economy far outweighs the cost to the council per year, not to mention the employment both directly with airport employees and now through the very promising Aerohub initiative. We should be supportive and get behind this crucial link to and from our region.

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