Got the Time Please?

Cornwall Council makes the news again in a article on This is Cornwall and the WMN. This time (pun intended) is on the cost to Directory Inquiries and more worryingly the Speaking Clock.

Last year Cornwall Council spent £3,724.75 on Directory Inquires and £220.76 on the Speaking Clock. Ok, the amount of money will not break the bank, but it still adds up. In today’s world it is not hard to get a phone number or information from search engines like Google and Bing. So you have to wonder why we are using this service.

As for the Speaking Clock, this has shocked me more; as again with technology you are not very far from getting the time, and in all Time Zones too. I mean most people have a mobile, or a watch, or have access to a computer. So is there any excuse for this?

The saving grace is the Council has put a block on these types of calls. Hopefully this means bills like this are a thing of the past

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