Good Old Parking

These meeting are coming thick and fast. Yesterday’s was about Parking Enforcement. It seems the general consensus that there is not enough enforcement of parking infringements. Most of the correspondence is that we need more enforcement.

Over 3 hours was spent discussing this very issue. I also invited along a Police Inspector to give the Polices view on this issue (they stopped enforcing since May 08). It was an interesting debate. It was greatly appreciated by the Panel to have an insight as to how the Police see and deal with this issue. It seems there are indeed a few”grey” areas in Parking Enforcement where the Police and Cornwall Council (CC) can enforce at the same time. It was felt (by the Panel) that a lot of progress had been made in understanding and co-operation between the Police and CC. This is to be welcomed.

One of the main recommendations that I in my role as Chairman will be making to the Cabinet is that we take on up to another 20 Civil Enforcement Officers (CEO) to help combat some of the problems faced in Cornwall. I personally think this is a good step forward.

The Police officer said at the end of the meeting that he was greatly impressed by the Panels work, and looked forward to working more closely on this subject.

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