Good ideas Club Pt2

Cabinet meeting (AKA Good Ideas Club) over at the Ivory Towers. Big agenda with lots to discuss. The King welcomed everyone and then informed those present that items concerning the Route Partnership (Scilly Link) were removed from the Agenda. He outlined the reasons with “we are looking into possible options including Falmouth”. A good start then.

The Public are allowed to ask questions (must send them in before hand). There were a few from those in Penzance in reference to the Scillies Link. Graham did well at first, but then he answered a question about what other options are being looked at now that Plan A had been turned down. His response was short and i quote “not in Penzance“. Talk about killing the conversation. (I dread to think the headlines tomorrow). For the record I like Graham and I believe he makes decisions for what he believes are right reasons, but has a way in delivering answers or points like a brick through a stained glass window.

It was then turn of the individual Cabinet members to outline their services and what they had been doing since the last meeting. Armand Toms (Details) with his Adults and Social Care Portfolio showed real leadership in what he said post the critical and some may say unfair report into this Service. He showed he has a real handle on his role and the service is in good hands.

I can’t say that for another Cabinet Member. The other Portfolio Holders all took the lead on their reports in bringing their Directors in when a more detailed explanation was required. This Member did not. They hardly said a word and in fact you would have thought her Director was the boss and they were there merely to hold the pencils. Considering her Portfolio got slammed in the Ofsted report resulting in the previous Director falling on his sword her display today did not inspire confidence. I was not the only Councillor to notice because many were openly talking about that very subject.

Being a Portfolio holder is hard and more so when the rub is going against you. Who said it was going to be easy. Could others do a better job? Well, we will cross that bridge if and when it happens.

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