Good Evening Mr. Bond

The Queen and James Bond taking part in the Olympic opening ceremony just blew me away. Both Bond and the Queen are quintessential British. China can have its drums and fireworks, but they do not have Bond, or the Queen. The words “Good evening Mr. Bond” will I am sure go down in history.

Elgar’s Nimrod told you in a few bars which country is hosting the games. This was followed up Perry’s and Blake’s Jerusalem, sung by a young boy who you would have to be dead not to be moved by it.

The whole opening ceremony was British to the core. It showed strife, hardship, humour and understatement. I am sure the many millions who were watching the ceremony were at times scratching their heads wondering what was going on. I say, who cares, as it showed Britain is different, and we like that.

Humour played a part too. Who would have thought Mr. Bean would be involved? Not me, but it worked. Music also played a very important part during the ceremony. Britain might not be an economic or military superpower, but it is a superpower of music. Though, if I could have a rerun of the ceremony, I would ditch McCartney. It was painful to my ears.

The scene of the industrial revolution forging the Olympic rings was just fantastic. I just loved how it all came together to tell a powerful message. British design was there too, with the ‘copper petals’ which formed the Olympic Cauldron. Each petal represented the 204 countries taking part. A first is all the teams taking part have female competitors. This is a remarkable achievement, too

I always feared we would try to match the Chinese opening ceremony, and I thought that would be impossible. However, I should not have worried because our ceremony showed the world we are at times a pretty odd bunch, but still a very proud nation which can still teach the world a trick or two.

The whole event had British firmly stamped on it. Well done Danny Boyle for the ceremony. It sure made me proud to be British.

The most iconic picture of the 2012 Olympics?

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