Getting with the Times: My Smartphone App

Technology tends to move at a blistering place; sometimes quicker than we really like. Take for example the humble mobile phone, from its brick-like beginning to now, ‘the does everything’ smart phone. As a Councillors, I am always looking at new ways for people to know what I am doing, and more importantly getting in contact with me. Phone, email, stopping me in the street are great, but as technology moves so new ways of communication should be embraced. With this in mind, I have now my very own smart phone app.

The company behind it, Democratic Apps has provided an excellent app. The app can keep you up to-day with news from my blog. It has the function of reporting and issue to me directly using the app. It is the reporting of an issue that has really impressed me. As it is not always convenient for people to call, or email. Now, in a few taps of the screen your problem will be directly sent to me.

The beauty of this app it is a web-based app, so it will work on all types of smart phones. Which is far better than having to develop different apps for the different phone operating systems.

To download the app all you need to do is click the link below, or use the QR code to download. The app is free to download too! Just download via the link and use your phone function to save it to your home screen, and the app does the rest! The link address for the app is HERE or the QR code right below


This great work has been carried out by Dave O’Byrne who runs Democratic Apps. His website is HERE if you are interested in his services. I will be speaking to Cornwall Council’s IT bods to see if something like this could be implemented for all Councillors, or even departments. The app has great potential, and I look forward to using it.


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