Get out There group does X-Factor

On Saturday, I was invited to Get out There’s X-Factor event that took place at Chacewater Village Hall. I can tell you this event was far more fun than the other X-Factor on ITV. I was even made a judge, luckily it was not Simon Cowell.

Get Out There (GOT) is a Sense service based in Cornwall for young people with little or no sight. Many of the young people in the group have additional needs such as epilepsy, diabetes, autism, hearing impairments, communication difficulties and limited mobility.

The ethos of the group is that these young people have as much right to have fun and adventure as other teenagers.

During the evening we saw around 15 acts from comedy to singing. Some of the acts had performed before at other GOT X-Factor events, but others overcame ‘stage-fright’ and performed in front of over 50 people who attended the event.

With any competition, there was a winner, but all the act were awarded a medal for taking part. As I said previously, it was a great evening and far, far better than the other X-Factor on ITV.

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