Garden Waste and Charging

For the last few weeks I have had many residents contacting me with a concern to the new proposals for collecting garden waste. Many of those who have contacted me raise the points of why are we now going to be asked to pay more for this service, or isn’t this part of our council tax bill.

The majority of this new policy was undertaken by the Cabinet Waste Panel, which made its recommendations to Cornwall Council’s Cabinet. It is the Cabinet who has the final say on these proposals, and they took that decision on the 25th January. The aim  was to harmonise all the six previous District Council’s waste collection contracts into one county-wide contract.  Currently, the collection service in each of the former District areas for garden waste are as follows:

Caradon – fortnightly, plastic sack collection – chargeable
Carrick – fortnightly, biodegradable potato starch sack – chargeable
Kerrier – fortnightly, plastic sack collection – chargeable
North Cornwall – fortnightly, biodegradable paper sack – chargeable
Penwith – monthly, no container provided collection – free
Restormel – weekly, paper sack collection, chargeable

The new proposals which will be in effect from 1st April 2012. The service will be offered over two periods:

• Full service: collections will be made every fortnight (on a maximum of 26 occasions) per year from the point of subscription to the scheme.
• Half service: collections will be made on a fortnightly basis for six months (on a maximum of 13 occasions) per year from the point of subscription to the scheme.

The full and half service period will end on the last working collection day of March each year. Where the service is purchased after the year start or mid-point, numbers of collections will be adjusted to finish at the end of the financial year; collections cannot be rolled over into the next subscription year.  This effectively means that, for example, householders will pay for a half-year service, even if they join the service in the last quarter of the financial year.  The contractor will write to customers each year to confirm the collection dates.

The containment service will be offered using three container types:
• 240 litre wheeled bin – maximum load 90kg (equivalent to approx. four garden sacks)
• 140 litre wheeled bin – maximum load 56kg (equivalent to approx. two garden sacks)
• 70 litre reusable sack.

A 70 litre reusable sack will only be offered as an alternative to households that cannot use a wheeled bin through restricted access or other reason agreed with the Cornwall Council, the contractor and the customer.

Wheeled bin description:
• 240 litre: 1030mm (height) x 580mm (width) x 740mm (deep).
• 140 litre: 1030mm (height) x 505mm (width) x 555mm (deep).
• The wheeled bins will have a brown body and brown lid.

Reusable sack description:
• 70 litre: 38cm x 38cm x 48cm
• The reusable sack will be made from woven polypropylene, and will be white in colour with brown printing. The sack will also have a permit pouch and weighted base. A combination of containers may be used by the householder where suitable containers and permits are purchased.

Wheeled bin 240 litre:

  • One off cost of bin £18.00
  • Cost per collection 90 pence
  • Full season collection (26 collections) £23.50
  • Half season collections (13 collections) £12.00

Wheeled bin 140 litre

  • One off cost of bin £15.00
  • Cost per collection 61 pence
  • Full season collection (26 collections) £16.00
  • Half season collections (13 collections) £8.00

Reusable sack

  • Cost of sack £3.00
  • Cost per collection 58 pence
  • Full season collection £15.00
  • Half season collections £7.50

Value comparison: The current cost for a garden waste bag is 74 pence; at this cost £23.50 would buy 31 sacks that are 60 litres in volume, the equivalent of 1860 litres, whereas the new wheeled bin service if used at capacity could collect up to 6240 litres of garden waste for the same price. There will be a ‘pay as you go’ option for householders using the reusable sacks, up to a maximum of 6 collections in any permit year. Householders will be required to contact the Authority at least 2 days in advance of their collection day to request a collection and to make a payment.

So, what do you think to these new proposals?

One comment

  • Gill Martin

    Will one have to take their wheelie bin to a collection point or will the bins be collected from individual properties?
    To what percentage will they be allowed to increase the charges each year?
    This system may well suit many people, but as far as I am concerned they can stick their wheelie bin where the sun dosn’t shine.

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