Further Web-casting Gets Green Light

Anyone who follows this blog will know I am a firm, if not a little obsessive believer in Cornwall Council be as open as possible in the way it conducts it’s business. This sometimes not only involves changing procedures, but changing mindsets. The later, is generally the most difficult and frustrating part. One way the Council has been more open is in the introduction of web-castings of firstly full Council, and more recently Cabinet meetings.

Previously I have said the web-casting of meetings should not just stop at full Council and Cabinet, but we should also broadcast as many meetings as possible. This includes meetings like planning and those which have a strategic nature to the people of Cornwall, as not everyone wants to, or is able to travel to County Hall to watch a meeting.

Last time the expansion was tried it failed because of the misunderstanding on costs and other misconceptions. I do understand we can’t just have a unlimited budget for this, but even if we don’t broadcast live, we could still record and make those recordings available in the archive via the main Cornwall Council web-page.

This time I was hopeful that those issues raised before had been clarified and would not be brought up again. So after a short debate a vote was taken and the Council voted in favour (phew) of expending web-casting. A further step forward would be allowing the public to also engage more by social media during meetings, but if I am honest this might take more work in convincing the non-believers of this being a good idea.

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