Furry Youth Cafe is Opened

The Furry Youth Cafe was officially opened last night at the former Warren’s Cafe; which is above the bakery. As Charlotte Chadwick said last night “it was a bumpy two year process, but we are here now”.

Many people from all different private and public organisations were involved, but without Charlotte driving this project forward I doubt it would be a reality that it is today. She even secured a rent free period of five year’s from Warren’s Bakery.

The project was finally kick-started by winning £50,000 from the Peoples Lottery in November 2010. This was not the only funding given, as many companies donated, or offered free to equipment and/or their services free to get the building ready.

The Cafe will be open on Wednesdays, Fridays from 6pm-9pm and all day Sunday. For more details you can visit the Cafes website HERE

Below are some pictures from the opening event.

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