Full Council – Two Meetings in One

Today was the monthly meeting of the whole of Cornwall Council, it’s always a lively affair with many Councillors wishing to make various points on items on the Agenda, or reports made to this Council. Today was slightly unusual as there were two meetings; the first one was the continuation of last months meeting and this months.

A somewhat controversial item was the policy on Sex Establishments. The Miscellaneous Licensing Committee had discuss at length the formulation of this policy and in doing so, has to make their recommendations for final approval of the policy to the full Council. Click HERE for the full details of this policy, as it’s a rather large document. After much debate, this policy was voted on and passed. It is my view that this policy will better regulate these types of establishments, rather the current policy that is in my opinion, open to lots of interpretation.

The motion to if at all possible stop the ‘downsizing’ of Falmouth Coastguard Centre was debated. Many of the Councillors who spoke had direct knowledge of the excellent job that this Coastguard Station does locally, nationally and internationally. It is a leading expert in various maritime skills and it’s downsizing will in my opinion have a impact on safety for those at sea, and the coastline of Cornwall. After a good debate the motion was passed unamimosly that a letter is sent to the Government and all six sitting Cornish MP’s asking for a rethink of the proposals that are currently being discussed. Let’s hope that this course of action does indeed work, but sadly, I bet we get only a ‘thank you for your letter’ reply.

As alway, I really enjoy this meeting as in most cases (depends on your viewpoint) there is always a good level of debate from all corners of the chamber.

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