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Is it me, or has inconsiderate parking suddenly become de-facto. I say this as a huge number of complaints I am getting from the Public is over this very issue. You are always going to get one or two who will park in front of some ones drive and not care two hoots about it.

Take Porthleven for example. It’s an old Town/Village. The centre was built before the motorcar was even invented. The surrounding areas were built in the 1960’s when very few people had, or could afford cars. Now most familes have at least two. Add a huge influx of tourist and you have a problem. A great deal of these problems could be solved if people parked more sensibly, and not abandon their cars like some getaway driver would when fleeing from the Police. Only the other day I asked very politely if someone could park better so that others could park too. I was met with words that a hearty Jack Tar would blush at. Luckily this is not the norm, and in fact, if you do ask someone they do indeed park and in most cases are apologetic. It’s just a shame they could not do this in the first place.

The problem is those people I represent are not happy. They in fact are asking me to do something about it. Most are saying Yellow Lines, but they don’t always work because without adequate enforcement, they are just lines on the street. The trouble is without people being more sensible and considerate when parking I maybe forced into going down this route. Sadly with my limited budget for highways other projects will suffer.

Another option is to introduce Residents Parking. That on the face of it might solve some problems, but there are some drawbacks to the scheme. One being a yearly cost to the permit holders. So I ask those who read this to just think when parking, or ask others who don’t to just be a little more helpful when they do. Otherwise in future they will not, or could be be restricted to parking in that area.


  • Anonymous

    We had someone park across our drive and we couldn't get out. When they eventually returned we 'mentioned' it to them and their reply was ……… "but we have children!"

  • Anonymous

    fore street in porthleven is a JOKE! but i dont laugh at it anymore. you get people parking outside the post office (with double yellow lines) people parking almost opposite so what can get through? perhaps a push bike – its only a matter of time before there is a big accident on that stretch of road, specially with the turning down into commercial road at the bottom…nightmare

  • Anonymous

    The only workable solution is routine enforcement of parking regulations all year round. Sure, reviewing the current linage scheme would help in certain areas (like opposite town hall, another parking blackspot), but without enforcement of the rule for which yellow lines are placed, yellow lines alone will not stop bad parking.

    A residential permit scheme is also a pointless charade. Most houses in fore street have off road parking or garages, however due to sheer laziness – often local car owners cause the most issue with their parking. Until people start getting ticketed, parking will not improve.

    I don't really think this should be an issue that should be left much longer. Countless rehashes to the parking system in fore street have offered no longterm gain. Lets not wait for an accident for a change, lets get this sorted once and for all. We have the answer, lets implement it ASAP .

  • Anonymous

    Interesting,I was unaware "most houses in fore street have off road parking etc etc" is that true?Many years ago I nearly bought a house there and certainly it nor its neighbours had off street or a garage,has that changed?
    The restrictions are fine, I drive to porthleven each day and the problems as I them are twofold
    1 Enforecement- start giving out fines,blue badge holders are not exempt
    2 What are the shop keepers doing about it,I dont see any notices reminding people not to park,are shopkeepers playing there part? Why of an evening are cars parked in the passing places outside the pizza and chip shops,those shops need to tell people to move,its opp a junction so parking will never be allowed there,business owners have to be proactive,otherwise I can forsee a total ban.

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