Friends & Residents of Bulwark – Awarded Grants

Good news for the Friends and Residents of Bulwark in its cause of raising £100,000 for a new park. This amount was never going to be raised overnight, but since the formation of the group the reality has steadily moved closer to the dream.
In October the Group approached Helston Town Council for support of £5,000. It made its presentation to the Play Committee who was mightily impressed with the presentation and aims. They said that they would give their decision to the request at their next meeting on the 6th December. I am confident that we will get some sort of grant from the Council. I hope it will be for the £5,000, but any award would be gratefully received.
The real good news is they also applied to the Downsland Trust (Helston based charity) for funding. This Trust met last week and has decided to award the group £2,000 as long as they prove they have matched funding. Add the small grant of £250 from my Members Community Chest we are getting there. The picture right is me giving a cheque to the group. This is on top of the £331 that was raised during the sponsored walk and naming a teddy bear competition that I blogged about before (LINK) 
Of course if anyone has a few thousand or so that needs to be spent you know where a whole community desperately needs it, and would love you forever. 

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