Fore Street – Porthleven

Anyone who knows Porthleven will know of some of the problems Fore Street has. This is mostly down to parking on the road and the amount of traffic that travels along this road.

There has been various changes to parking over the years. For everyone who likes a plan, there are equal numbers who don’t. Over the years there has been no parking, seasonal parking, full parking and now, bays with 30 min parking. Its not an easy task to get this right, and I think impossible to please everyone.

One of the main problems and complaints is people parking on the double yellow lines outside the Post Office and Chinese. They still park there even when there are many spaces free in the bays. It seems, that walking across the road is just a little to far for some. Parking here causes problems. Why, because it causes problems for drivers having to go on the opposite side of the road. This would not be much of a problem if this was a straight road, but its not, its on a almost blind bend. If better enforcement of the parking restrictions could happen, then I believe most of the issues would disappear. Even though I have asked Cornwall Council for more Enforcement Officers to visit, they cannot be here all the time.

Porthleven TC will now try and sort this problem. One idea is to place metal railing on the pavement. This would not stop cars parking on the road, but should deter people because they just can’t get out of the car and walk into the shop. It will also look at placing bollards on the pavement, but these might not have the same effect as the railing.

The Council before any decision is made will hold meetings with all the Businesses on Fore Street, and then hold a public meeting to hear what the people think. They will then take those findings and suggestions and solve (or at least try) this issue. If anyone can think of a solution to this, then let me know, or come along to the public meeting. If a plan does come out of the consultation then It’s not going to wait for Cornwall Council to pay for it, but its going to use the money in the Town Council’s reserves to solve it.


  • Miners

    I agree and deem it totally wrong that people park on those yellow lines, BUT, i feel that the worst thing the TC did was to allocate parking most of the way down the street in the first place!! It is very dangerous crossing the road for slow moving people and the elderly, who are expected to use the parking down the street, as you cannot see up around the corner and that 'is' a fast road. People will always park outside the post office, but now there is parking on the other side, the road is jammed. Remove the parking and put it back the way it was, at least traffic can then move. Also, the road outside the public hall and along wellington terrace is a mess, i am forever getting jammed there because people dont do what is clearly stated when doing the driving test and in the highway code, give way if the obstruction is on your side. This means the people coming UP have right of way. Why was it altered in the first place? C'on TC be the better person and amit that you 'Got It Wrong'.

  • Richard Rayment

    Parking in porthleven will always be dreadful. There is one simple reason for this, there is no regular enforcement of the parking laws that are in place. I can remember last time the parking rights in fore street changed, for a few weeks the main street was again usable. Then when it was clear that no-one was inforcing the law, people just parked as an how they wished again.

    Currently there are a few 'hot spots' that do need tackling. At the top of fore street opposite the laundrette, and at the bottom of fore street by the chemist. The issue with these areas is due to the sharp bends at the top and bottom of the street. Often you can come around these bends to find a car on the wrong side of the road coming towards you and you have nowhere to go. This problem is enhanced by the fact that many people are often crossing the road next to kotas to the harbour.

    I do also agree that parking near the post office is also dreadful. Especially when people park on the nearly blind junction into torleven road, which at the best of times is barely a two way road. Although I don't agree that taking all the parking near the post office, as after all their business will suffer. However having parking on BOTH sides of the road in fore street near the top is a disaster waiting to happen.

    The other area that needs urgent attention is opposite the town hall. Many houses in this area have ample driveway or garage space, but as these are further away and involve a small amount of walking, the owners of these houses park on the main road into Porthleven – making what should be a two way road, a single carriageway.

    In both areas I imagine the uproar caused when people die in a housefire, or of a heart attack as the emergency service vehicle can't get into the village due to selfish parking.

    I also feel for the older aged members of the community. Should these people, or most local villiagers have to PAY to park when they are nipping out to: get a paper, post a letter, pick up some milk or bread or get their medication from the chemist?

    When these tasks take a few minutes at most, I don't think they (or I) should. All of the free parking areas within comfortable walking distance and easy access of the main street have either been built on, or made into paying carparks by their owners. I make especial note of the shipyard, which had parking for the supermarket. Now trevor osborne has again taken away a useful area of the town for the locals to turn a profit from the visiting tourists – the man never thinks of the locals, ever.

    Perhaps permitting short term free parking in the village carpark may solve the issue. I'm not entirely sure of the logistics of it, but this carpark is in fair reach of most of the towns essential services. Perhaps giving people a maximum of 30 minutes, will allow the older more frail members of the community get there shopping? Also making some of the parking in the street disabled only and making it short term with a long return period (say 1 hour max, with 24hr return).

    We need more regular policing of the parking situation of the village, without this any changes in the law are completely worthless.

  • Sheila Austin

    When Richard Rayment says the town hall does he mean the public hall in Wellington Road???
    If he does than surely he realises that the houses opposite do not have driveways or garages. Yes we do worry about fire engines and ambulances not being able to get to our properties or for them to get to us if we are ill. If you do not live in this road you have no idea how difficult it is to live here. We started to park outside our own houses on the road because of the spate of vandalism to our cars when parked in the layby outside the hall, tyres slashed, mirrors and windscreen wipers ripped off.Also where do the people in Wellington Terrace park? We can't all park in the layby however much we would like to.
    We have to put up with cars speeding past our gates-does anyone know what 30 miles an hr is??? Does anyone think it might be a good idea to slow down when coming into the village from Helston Yes it is a main road but it is a built up area.
    Why did Gibson Way get a 20 mile an hr zone, they have a pavement and grass verges outside their houses, Wellington Road gates open out onto the road.
    Actually parking outside our own gates helps keep the cars speeding by away from our gates and makes it marginally safer getting out of our own gateways.
    As for parking, even though the vandalism in the layby has stopped how can we park there when it is taken up by holiday makers especially as it has become popular with motorhome drivers.
    The other problem we have is cars parking across our gates especially as it is our only entrance/exit to our houses.Visitors to the village and people going to the hall are the worst offenders. If you ask them to move their vehicles (even a couple of feet) you get a mouthful of abuse.
    My advice to you is be more considerate to the owners of these properties and don't bitch about us until you know the facts.

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