Footpaths – A Review

Cornwall Council is about to undertake a complete Strategic Review of all the Footpaths and Bridleways in Cornwall. A huge undertaking considering there are over 2,200 miles of Footpaths, 372 miles of Bridleways and over 300 miles of Coastal Paths to review.

No details on how much this project will cost as its at the early stages of the review, but I am sure it will not be cheap considering the amount of pathways in Cornwall. Saying that, maybe it’s worth spending the money because these footpaths are a asset to Cornwall and a huge Strategic Review has not been completed in many, many years.

It is hope that the Council will not do this on its own, but will engage with outside Organisations, Groups, Landowners, Town and Parish Councils and others who own, manage or use these footpaths. We should get some proposals on this by April 2011.

Maybe it will be a chance for Councillors and Officers to get their walking boots on and help with this review.

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  • Paul A

    Quite interested in this one. Now the light evenings are one the way I would be happy to get out and about around the village if they need this kind of help.

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