Five Cornwall Councillors raise £2612 for Kernow Young Carers

Five Cornwall Councillors, The Chairman of Cornwall Council, Ann Kerridge, Jim McKenna, Sally Hawken, Pat Rogerson and myself stepped forward to help raise money for a very worthwhile cause that is Kernow Young Carers. We did this by being ‘arrested’ and sent to jail. Once in jail, we all had to raise at least £250 to be released.


The five Councillors on their arrest

The second part to the fun-raiser was Jim and myself being put in stocks, and for at least a £1 donation people got to throw wet sponges at us.

Amazingly, due to people’s generously, the total raised just on each of our Just Giving pages was a whopping £2,148.25. Wow! Added to this, there was a number of cash donations who added a further £276.49 to the total. And then finally, £188 was raised via the stocks event.

Adding it all together, the five of us raised £2612.74 (and counting). This is fantastic as the initial target was £1250.

A huge thanks goes to everyone who donated and to those who helped make this event possible.


Jim and I sharing the stocks

Jim and I sharing the stocks

I was dared to eat a few of these for a donation...

I was dared to eat a few of these for a donation…

And yes I did eat a few……


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