First Forum Meeting for the Porthleven Neighbourhood Plan

Saturday saw the first meeting of Porthleven’s neighbourhood plan forum. The meeting consisted of interested residents, landowners,  groups and organisations in Porthleven. The turnout was good and had a good and balanced representations from the groups invited. The aim of the meeting was to establish if a Neighbourhood Plan was supported, and therefore could be progressed.

The reason why a Neighbourhood Plan is so important for Porthleven is because there is the opportunity to create a positive vision for the future of Porthleven. The plan will help the community to influence the extent of development within Porthleven. It cannot stop development, but it can ensure growth and development are built-in the right places first. Without a Neighbourhood Plan, it could see Porthleven at a disadvantage due to the Governments recent relaxation of  planning laws which can seen to be  in favour of developers. Though, no doubt developers will see this as ending a lot of bureaucracy.

The forum listens to the presentation on the NP

The forum listens to the presentation on the NP

 The presentation on the NP was delivered by the Chairman of the NP working party Cllr Alan Jorgenson. In his presentation is highlighted the benefits of Porthleven having a plan. There was also the chance for all those gathered to ask questions. The final act of the meeting was to decided if Porthleven needed a plan. I am very pleased to say the vote to proceed with the plan was unanimous. From this positive vote  the following process will be followed.

  • Make the decision to prepare a neighbourhood plan  -10wks
  • Identify the issues  -16wks
  • Develop a vision and objectives  -18wks
  • Generate realistic and achievable options  -10wks
  • Build the Evidence Base  -10wks
  • Write the Neighbourhood Plan  -17wks
  • Consultation and Submission  – 8wks
  • Independent examination  – 7wks
  • Referendum and Delivery  – 8wks

Once all this is done,  the plan will be put to a public referendum. Which for the plan to be adopted, it needs at least 50% of the vote to support the plan. This is why during the process leading up to the referendum public engagement will be so important and will enable to working group and forum to put this plan together on what the residents of Porthleven want.

The referendum is set to take place November 2015. That might seem a long way away, but this plan needs to be done right, and cannot be rushed.

More details on what is a Neighbourhood Plan is HERE

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