First day back and I am already cheesed off

I thought the first day back as a Cornwall Councillor would be hassle free and the chance to meet old and new Councillors to the authority. For the first hour, I was happy. However that soon changed when I heard news about the Community Network for Helston and the Lizard.

It turns out that while Councillors were on the campaign trail, the powers-to-be have decided to change the Community Networks around. What is worse is no consultation, or curtesy has been given to the Cornwall Councillors and more importantly the Town and Parish Council of the area as part of the decision. Has the Council not learned anything from the last four years?

What am I on about? Well, the Network Manager for the area, Charlotte Chadwick has been moved to the Camborne, Redruth and Pool area. As many will know Charlotte has worked very hard in the area, and has brought 10’s of thousands of funding into the area.

Yes, I understand people do move, but the area has lost someone embedded in the area and she has been replaced by someone who works part-time. I feel Helston and the Lizard will now get a lesser service.

Worse, projects in the area might stop because the resources and staff are not there. You would think the powers-to-be would have asked what projects are being run before they thought about the change. But no, the same old ‘lets do something without consulting’ is still alive and kicking at Cornwall Council. It is time to take a shotgun to this process quickly.

I really get the feeling this process was rushed and done during the campaign season. That way Councillors would not know before it’s too late. Not impressed at all!


  • Allison

    I don’t like council bashing, or councillor/MP bashing. It’s a hard, thankless, challenging, and even heartbreaking, job at times. So imagine my surprise that over the last few years I have felt, on an almost daily basis, that there’s a list as long as your arm that I could go to town on!

    On that list, is Cornwall Council’s selective deafness. I’ll just say that I do think there are some superb staff and councillors that work tirelessly, but the ethos of this council (and politics higher up) is rotten to the core. Pushing through things that are not right for the people that live and work here, and the land itself. I won’t list everything – this is your blog! But suffice to say, this is another example of that, and I’m glad there are a few men and women, shining a light where CC doesn’t want it shone!

  • Sad to see what is sure to mean a further watering down of localism. Members would do well to read the opening pages of the first part of the Bid for the Unitary. If I remember correctly, around page 20 onwards…. With the lack of funds, councillors need to look at localism anew. More work will have to be done at local council level if the new Cornwall Council is to stand any chance of adequately maintaining its core services.

  • Bob Gillcott

    Hang on a minute – these changes have occurred as a direct result of the Council’s elected representatives i.e. you voting to freeze the Council Tax raise resulting in a budget saving of £500,000 needing to be found from the localism service’s whole budget.

    You cannot expect to make these decisions (as a whole, not individually) without any resulting action – that’s the world we live in and perhaps councillors new and old would do well to really consider the results of their actions before voting next time!!

    Maybe councillors should do better on pulling together for the whole of Cornwall rather than their party!?

  • Andrew Wallis


    While I agree some of the changes are down to the stupid decision for a 0% Budget. This is also about keeping people informed who will be affected by the decision.

    And for the record, I was against the 0%.

  • Good to see, says she with some irony, that communication is as bad as it was when I was on County. I can recall many items towards the end of 300 page agendas….

  • Gill Martin

    So who is the replacement?
    Perhaps there are some at Cornwall Council that would prefer to see the Lizard just snap off and float away into the sea.

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