First Bus Launches Smartphone App

Those nice people at First (bus) sent me an email today telling me about the launch of their new smartphone app. This launched nationwide today after being trailed in Hampshire. It is available for both Android and iPhone. The app for Blackberry and Windows phones is still being developed.

Bus App

I quickly downloaded the app to see how good it was to use. And I will say I am very impressed on how it works including the layout of the app. It easily shows you time-tables, routes, fares and locations of bus-stops.  It informs you of service updates and other travel related news. It also supports Real-time Passenger Information (RTPI) in those areas which have that facility.

All in all it is well worth downloading especially as it is free! So well done to First on launching this app, it certainly make it easier to catch a bus. I just wish catching a bus was a lot cheaper than it currently is.


One comment

  • A benefits assessor

    If RPI is not in use it is not worth the lines of code it is written in. As anyone who uses first Buses in Cornwall will tell you. Reliability is dire.

    I use first buses daily and never look at the timetables as they are a work of fiction.

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