Finding Out About Road Works

It is accepted that as long as we have roads, they will need to be maintained and repaired. Sometimes this maintenance is time-consuming, frustrating and expensive. Council’s and some utility companies do send letters, but these are normally only sent to the affected areas. That means many people will not know of work being carried out until they find themselves diverted, or joining a traffic queue.

There is however a website that holds all the current and many proposed road works in the whole of the UK. This includes Cornwall Council’s work. I signed up today, and found the process simple and finished the process in a few minutes. You can opt-in to receive emails daily, weekly or fortnightly. You can also target a certain areas, roads, or distance from a postcode. Plans are being worked on to make this site more ‘smart-phone’ friendly which I think is a great idea.

Here is the link to this great website:



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